Terry D. Etherton, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition and Head of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State University, wrote in an Oct. 3, 2006 article titled "rBST-Certified Free Milk - A Story of Smoke and Mirrors," posted on the Pennsylvania State University Dairy and Animal Science Blog, that:

“[A]ll milk contains the same hormones in the same amounts, irrespective of whether they have been supplemented with rbST.

There’s little doubt that consumers who have no understanding are easily gulled by such [rBST-free] labels…

In a nutshell, some processors are saying they are perfectly willing to exploit consumer ignorance and suspicion that some milk might be safer or healthier than other milk. Where does this lead the milk industry? I think it leads down the road of deception.”

Oct. 3, 2006