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Calcium Content in Select Foods

Below is a table of various foods’ calcium content in milligrams (mg). The US Food and Drug Administration recommends 1,300 mg of calcium per day (also called the “Daily Value”) for adults and children over 4 years old.

Source: (accessed July 25,2022)
FoodServing SizeMilligrams (mg) of Calcium per Serving
Yogurt, plain, nonfat8 ounces488 mg
Lambsquarters, cooked1 cup464 mg
Almond beverage (almond milk), unsweetened1 cup442 mg
Tofu, raw, regular, prepared with calcium sulfate1/2 cup434 mg
Nettles, cooked1 cup428 mg
Yogurt, plain, low fat8 oz415 mg
Grapefruit juice, 100%, fortified1 cup350 mg
Orange juice, calcium fortified1 cup349 mg
Yogurt, fruit, low fat 8 oz344 mg
Mozzarella, part skim1.5 oz333 mg
Sardines, canned in oil, with bones3 ounces325 mg
Kefir, plain, low fat1 cup317 mg
Soy beverage (soy milk), unsweetened1 cup301 mg
Yogurt, soy, plain8 ounces300 mg
Milk, nonfat1 cup299 mg
Soymilk, calcium fortified1 cup299 mg
Buttermilk, low fat1 cup284 mg
Mustard spinach, cooked1 cup284 mg
Rice beverage (rice milk), unsweetened1 cup283 mg
Amaranth leaves, cooked1 cup276 mg
Milk, whole (3.25% milk fat)1 cup276 mg
Collard greens, cooked1 cup268 mg
Yogurt, Greek, plain, low fat8 ounces261 mg
Tofu, firm, made with calcium sulfate½ cup253 mg
Tofu, soft, made with calcium sulfate½ cup253 mg
Yogurt, Greek, plain, nonfat8 ounces250 mg
Spinach, cooked1 cup245 mg
Nopales, cooked1 cup244 mg
Taro root (dasheen or yautia), cooked1 cup204 mg
Turnip greens, cooked1 cup197 mg
Jute, cooked1 cup184 mg
Salmon, pink, canned, solids with bones3 ounces181 mg
Soybeans, cooked½ cup181 mg
Kale, cooked1 cup177 mg
Mustard greens, cooked1 cup165 mg
Beet greens, cooked1 cup164 mg
Pak choi, cooked1 cup158 mg
Tahini (seasame butter or paste)1 tablespoon154 mg
Dandelion greens, cooked1 cup147 mg
Cottage cheese, 1% milk fat1 cup138 mg
Breakfast cereals, fortified with 10% of the DV for calcium1 serving130 mg
Spinach, boiled, drained ½ cup123 mg
Frozen yogurt, vanilla, soft serve½ cup103 mg
Turnip greens, fresh, boiled½ cup99 mg
Kale, fresh, cooked1 cup94 mg
Chia seeds1 tablespoon76 mg
Chinese cabbage (bok choi), raw, shredded1 cup74 mg
Beans, pinto, canned, drained½ cup54 mg
Tortilla, cornone, 6 inch diameter46 mg
Sour cream, reduced fat2 tablespoons31 mg
Bread, whole-wheat1 slice30 mg
Kale, raw, chopped1 cup24 mg
Broccoli, raw½ cup21 mg
Apple, golden delicious, with skin1 medium10 mg


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