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Did You Know?

1. In 2003, over 51% of North Americans with non-European ancestry were lactose intolerant. For East Asians the level of lactose intolerance was 90-100%.
2. One taco has more calcium than one cup of low fat milk, according to a 2005 United States Department of Agriculture report, although milk has twice the calcium of a cheeseburger.
3. People around the world consume the milk of goats, water buffalo, llamas, reindeer, horses, sheep, camels, and yaks.
4. Milk remains the most popular teen beverage after water except among black teens where it ranks behind water, fruit juice, and soda.
5. The Old Testament of the Bible makes about fifty references to milk and milk products and refers to the holy land as a " land which floweth with milk and honey."
Click for an Encyclopaedia Britannica video about how ice cream is made.
6. As of Apr. 2016, the sale of raw milk in stores is legal in 13 states. 17 states only permit raw milk sales on farms; 8 states only allow raw milk acquisition through "cow-share" agreements; and in 20 other states all sales of raw milk for human consumption are prohibited.
7. In a 1939 strike by the Dairy Farmers Union, milk farmers engaged in militant tactics such as blocking roads, confiscating and spilling out milk, physically fighting strike breakers, and setting fire to trucks that tried to cross road blockades.
8. Dairy cows in the US released over 2,000,000 metric tons of the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere in 2001 according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
9. Dairy cows were the 5th largest emitters of the greenhouse gas methane in the US in 2001. They released 2.2% less methane than coal mining and 0.6% more than water treatment operations.
Click for an Encyclopaedia Britannica video about the chemistry of making cheese.
10. The 1990 Fluid Milk Promotion Act requires that "fluid milk products must be readily available and marketed efficiently" to the people of the United States.
11. A 1998 EPA study showed that US dairy cows produced 54 billion pounds of manure - 2.6 times the amount produced by the human population. [Note: We've been unable to find a more recent study.]
12. In 1996, the California Milk Processors Board and Mattel came out with a limited edition "got milk?" Barbie doll to advertise milk.
13. The National School Lunch Act requires that schools serve milk as part of the federally subsidized National School Lunch Program.
14. On Aug. 3, 2011, a Venice, CA health food store was raided by police for selling raw milk. The owner and two others were arrested and charged with mulitple felonies.