Laura Paajanen, Division of Nutrition at the University of Helsinki, and Tuula Tuure, Researcher at Vailo Ltd., et al., wrote in their 2003 article, "No Difference in Symptoms During Challenges with Homogenized and Unhomogenized Cow's Milk in Subjects with Subjective Hypersensitivity to Homogenized Milk," published in the Journal of Dairy Research:

“In the present study…[n]o differences in the symptoms during the challenges with the homogenized and the unhomogenized milk were discerned. Our findings are in agreement with the data of previous double-blind studies: in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials no difference between the homogenized and the unhomogenized milk has been shown in the symptoms of cow’s milk allergic children (Høst & Samuelsson, 1988) or of lactose intolerant adults (Vesa & Korpela, 1994) or in the symptoms and complement receptor expression of milk hypersensitive, lactose intolerant or control subjects (Pelto et al. 2000).”