Paolo Bergamo, PhD, and colleagues from the National Research Council of Italy, reported in their Sep. 2003 paper "Fat-Soluble Vitamin Contents and Fatty Acid Composition in Organic and Conventional Italian Dairy Products," published in Food Chemistry:

“The aim of the present study was to determine fatty acid and fat-soluble vitamin contents in buffalo and cow’s milk dairy products and to compare the composition of organic milk fat with that obtained by a conventional management system…

Organic management resulted in the production of milk containing improved CLA [conjugated linoleic acid], TVA [tranvaccenic acid], and LNA [linolenic acid] concentrations… It is noteworthy that the findings of higher CLA, TVA, and LNA amounts, in all organic samples analysed, strongly suggests a high nutritional value of organic milk fat. In particular, on account of the LNA importance for human nutrition and health and, on the basis of the data reporting the cancer preventive effect of TVA and CLA-rich foods, the nutritional quality of organic dairy foods seems to be higher than that of conventional dairy products.”

Sep. 2003