The National Dairy Council wrote in a Nov.-Dec. 2004 article titled "Building Better Bones With Dairy Foods Throughout the Lifecycle," published in the Dairy Council Digest, that:

“Prevention of osteoporosis begins in childhood and adolescence because much of genetically determined peak bone mass is accrued during the first two decades of life. Studies in children and adolescents demonstrate that increasing consumption of dairy foods benefits bone health – or that low intake of dairy foods compromises bone health and may increase the risk of bone fractures during growth. Moreover, consuming an adequate intake of milk and other dairy foods during childhood and adolescence may protect against fractures in later years.

Investigations in adults demonstrate that consuming calcium-rich dairy foods such as milk, cheese, or yogurt reduces age related bone loss and risk of osteoporotic fractures.

Milk and other dairy foods are the preferred source of calcium because of their high calcium content and the presence of other nutrients important for bone and overall health.”

Nov.-Dec. 2004