Linda Melos, ND, primary care naturopathic physician, stated the following in her article "The Health Benefits of Raw Milk," available at her website (accessed May 31, 2017):

“[P]asteurized milk actually interferes with calcium metabolism… Before heating [pasteurization], milk is a living food rich in colloidal minerals and enzymes necessary for the absorption and utilization of the sugars, fats, proteins and minerals in milk. Raw cream and butter has ‘X Factor’ that prevents joint stiffness.

Eight to ten thousand years ago, raw and fermented milk products began to replace animal bones as a major source of minerals in many cultures. These raw dairy products were known to increase strength, fertility and general health. Present-day cultures whose diets are high in cultured raw dairy products tend to be extremely healthy, long-lived people. (The culturing of raw milk breaks down the lactose, and predigests the milk proteins.) Raw milk that is still warm from the animal has traditionally been used through the centuries for various wasting diseases…

Pasteurizing milk kills off all bacteria, including the health-giving lactobacilli. This allows milk to putrefy with bad bacteria over time, rather than sour or ferment from good lactobacilli. Pasteurization also destroys vitamins, especially C, B6 and B12, and denatures fragile milk proteins. It destroys 20% of the iodine, and makes insoluble the major part of the calcium content.”

May 31, 2017