Dennis Wolff, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture, wrote in a Nov. 1, 2006 article titled "Today RBST - What's Next," published in PA Farm News:

“Thirteen years ago, the Food & Drug Administration approved the use of rbST after extensive scientific research. It was proven that rbST is species-specific to bovines and deemed completely safe for human consumption. In fact, there is no way to differentiate between the milk from herds using rbST and those not using it…

Recently, several dairy processors began labeling and marketing milk as produced on farms not using synthetic hormones, attempting to gain more of the market share of milk sales. These marketing techniques are guiding consumers to purchase this milk, and allowing processors and retailers to charge more per gallon than for unlabeled milk. If consumers have preferences about the way food is produced such as ‘grass-fed,’ ‘organic,’ or ‘natural,’ that’s their choice. However, in this situation, consumers are not basing their decisions on sound science but rather on manipulative marketing.”

Nov. 1, 2006