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Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?

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  • +40 +112 -72 Doge Feb. 24, 2015
    "So Milk
    Very Calcium
    Many Good"
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    • +1 +2 -1 To Doge May. 30, 2018
      "Doge, I myself absolutely love milk, but this is a serious debate on whether milk is healthy or not. This statement, as funny as it is, does not seem to properly support either cause. I understand your point, and you want to make people laugh, but this?"
    • +1 +4 -3 Borya Mar. 9, 2015
  • +31 +48 -17 MilkLord Nov. 17, 2017
    fat free
    gluten free
    reduced fat milk

    Drink Milk
    Become the Milk

    I am milk lord"
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    • 0 0 0 milker Nov. 8, 2018
      "ok um great name."
  • +25 +93 -68 sam Jan. 21, 2015
    "I LOVE MILK!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "You love milk because it contains 'casomorphine' - a chemical designed to make the calf come back to drinks it mothers milk. It is an addictive substance designed to make us love dairy. There's a very good book called 'The cheese trap' on this. If you have a break from dairy for a few months say, you may find that if you eat it again you don't love milk quite as much as before. Cheese can be especially addictive (why people love cheese in particular so much) as it contains concentrated amounts of casomorphine."
  • +19 +40 -21 paul blart Apr. 10, 2016
    "milk gives me the energy to make memes"
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  • +14 +64 -50 Keith Nov. 16, 2014
    "You will have to pry my carton from my cold dead hands! Milk still kicks a** after my 51 years! Go milk! Heheeee"
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  • +13 +74 -61 Danky Apr. 24, 2014
    "i think milk is good because it is really good. and stuff."
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    • 0 +1 -1 Cadet Grimm Apr. 5, 2018
      "Another thing that is "really good and stuff" is knowing facts. The facts are that milk destroys your body. It causes acne, bone loss, diarrhea, cramps constipation, and iron deficiency anemia in small children and infants, along with cancer, early puberty and it has acidic animal proteins that destroy your bones and leech you of the proper nutrients you need on a regular basis. Not to mention the bacteria in milk is a main cause of bad breath because when you drink milk, the leftover residue from it after you swallow stays in your mouth and the bacteria in your mouth go to town on it, and when the bacteria in your mouth consume it and poop, the smell is 6 times as bad as normal."
  • +13 +58 -45 Mrs. Deadmau5 Mar. 24, 2014
    "Milk is beautiful. I deeply appreciate milk. Cows want us to drink milk. And eat at Chick fil a. Always listen to cows."
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    • -3 +2 -5 Abby Feb. 24, 2016
      "Right. Because let me walk you through the process to you getting that milk in your fridge. 1) cow is impregnated against will (rape perhaps???) 2) cow gets pregnant 3) cow has calf.... now do you think that calf gets ANY of that milk??? Nope. That milk is money and the calfs are either taken away from their mothers after 1 to 3 days and killed, or raised for slaughter. Sometimes they actually leave them in a cage chained to the floor so that it limits their movement and work of the muscles and creates very soft meat and they are left like that till they die. 4) kill or raise calf for slaughter 5) hook cows udder's up to machine to take all milk 6) sell milk to willing consumers. By the way milk has millions of pus cells so have fun drinking that. If you do your research, milk is quite disgusting. I was raised with it but would now throw up if i were to drink it."
    • -4 +2 -6 Liam Feb. 2, 2015
      "Seriously? It's bad for you. It has TONS of hormones."
  • +9 +56 -47 Misha Feb. 17, 2015
    "I think milk is healthy for humans. People say that milk causes obesity. But obesity has only been a problem in the last 30-50 years, and milk has been consumed for thousands of years with no problem. If find it bas science to say that because a select few are allergic that it is bad for everyone. There are people allergic to wheat, allergic to peanuts, allergic to rice, allergic to fish, allergic to broccoli. I have even heard about people allergic to water, but all of the things in that big lists of allergies are considered healthy by the whole scientific community, even by all the quack doctors that wrote in the con section, yet lots of their cons were based on the fact that people where allergic, yet they conveniently did not talk about all of the things that they consider healthy but there are serious allergies to. It is written that legumes and beans are an healthy and important part of our diet, yet people who are allergic to those things have one of the most serious allergic reactions. There is nothing more dangerous and harmful than an allergic reaction to peanuts and peanut products."
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    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "Milk has be consumed by humans for more than 30-50 years, yes (around 10k), but not nearly to the degree it is consumed today. Food producers have managed to cram it into everything when you think about it. Just thinking about the obvious food, 10k years ago we did not have ice cream, yoghurt, etc. And don't you think it is strange that we, as children AND adults consume the milk from another species that is biologically designed for calfs. You don't see orangutans drinking cat milk - and they seem to be fine! It is relatively high in fat and calories and so naturally it would contribute to weight gain, but I think that it the last of the worries we should have around humans consuming cows milk."
    • 0 0 0 Jamie (Truthteller) Dec. 27, 2017
      "Have people been drinking cow milk for 1000 years? Do cats drink dog milk?"
    • 0 0 0 kronk Oct. 7, 2017
      "The character limit isn't a goal. (TLDR)"
    • -1 +4 -5 Josh Glass Jan. 8, 2016
      "The problem is that it neutralizes your stomach acids. Allergic reactions are not even what is being debated."
  • +6 +11 -5 Isaiah P. Jan. 24, 2018
    "I think it should be served but with other drinks too."
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  • +6 +37 -31 Leroy Joseph May. 21, 2014
    "I drink 2% milk everyday and I'm absolutely fine. I have no ailments whatsoever so if you think it is bad you are crazy>"
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  • +6 +35 -29 Milk Lover Apr. 3, 2014
    "drinking milk is good for you, if you drink the amount you should, other than that it causes you to gain weight. I love milk and will continue to love milk for the rest of my life, so just drink it in moderation."
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  • +5 +37 -32 Sydney Apr. 18, 2014
    "I need milk for cereal and chocolate milk is good"
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  • +5 +45 -40 Nathalia Rodriguez Jan. 28, 2014
    "Milk is healthy because it gives dairy and bone food for our teeth. We cant be drinking powder milk that comes from a can"
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  • +4 +4 0 biggy cheese Dec. 11, 2018
    "milk is lit and better than water fam"
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  • +4 +6 -2 Unknown Feb. 28, 2018
    "Milk has high sources of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D.
    The health of the calcium and vitamins are good for our lives.
    It has a lot of B vitamins, which will make your food into fuel easily, and so you don't get fat, no offense people!
    Some of the nutrients even help get the bone bigger, making it healthier. Calcium does make the bone grow by giving some cells the vitamin and make it so the bone grows.
    Milk has iodine, an important mineral needed to form hormones for the human body in the thyroid. These hormones are important for body process, such as metabolism regulation and proper foetal brain development.
    Milk helps reduce risk of child obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, a stroke particularly.
    It will make bones denser, but no association of risk of bone fracture.
    Some of the vitamins help develop oral tissue in young children.
    A lot of the nutrients supports oral health and protein."
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  • +4 +11 -7 YOU NEED SOME MILK Jan. 23, 2018
    "Milk is one of the greatest sources of calcium ever created."
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    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "Also one of the greatest sources of saturated fat, IGF-1 (a hormone designed to make the calf grow into an adult cow in a very short space of time, has been linked to cancer in humans), antibiotics (leading to resistance when used to treat human diseases) and animal protein which causes many problems such as decreased bone health."
  • +4 +10 -6 Chris Oct. 26, 2017
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  • +4 +29 -25 Kevin Mar. 4, 2014
    "Drinking milk is a tradition dating back to the olden days. One has not experienced life without drinking milk. It is one of those drinks that, no matter how bad it is for you (like alcohol), your life is just not as good without it."
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  • +3 +5 -2 Natalie A. Mar. 15, 2018
    "Currently I am in CE Foundations of Nutrition. Like anything, too much of a good thing is bad. It is vital to our health that between 2-3 years old we consume 2 cups of dairy, 4-8 years old 2&1/2 cups, and 9 & up 3cups of dairy a day. For children, 2% is best because the fats in the milk provide the necessary components to help the growing brain. As you age, it is best to consume fat-free or low-fat dairy products for optimum results."
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  • +3 +8 -5 Milky Jan. 24, 2018
    "Milk is good for you. Calcium helps strengthen your bones and as many essential vitamins. Please do not give up on milk. Cows depend on you."
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    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "Cows certainly wouldn't want us consuming their milk. Look into any of the industrial practices of milk production to see that. As for calcium, many plants have equivalent or higher amounts of calcium. They also don't have the animal protein which is detrimental to bone health or other negatives of milk such as IGF-1, antibiotics, etc."
  • +3 +23 -20 The Milk Slave Jul. 11, 2016
    "Milk will be a new god. The milk gods will take over everyone and everything....ALL HAIL THE MILK GODS!!!"
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  • +3 +29 -26 Georgie ForgieMaster Dec. 9, 2014
    "im 70% milk instead of water"
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    • +1 +3 -2 ronjon Jan. 20, 2015
  • +3 +35 -32 Andrew Mar. 1, 2014
    "I did an informal study of my track team to find out who did or did not drink cow milk,as well as other types of milk or not milk at all. seventy percent of the non milk of any kind drinkers developed multiple stress fractures through the season; about half of the other types of non cow milk drinkers developed stress fractures, and only about two cow milk drinkers developed stress fractures, the total number of people on the team was sixty seven."
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  • +2 +2 0 Jack Dec. 13, 2018
    "Milk is bae, and if you take away bae i cry, if I cry I dance on non milk people!!!!????????????????????"
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  • +2 +2 0 Grady W. Dec. 4, 2018
    "Milk is healthy. The inside of milk tastes good to me."
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  • +2 +3 -1 alyssa stienbarger Nov. 29, 2018
    "i think it is very healthy"
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  • +2 +8 -6 doge 2 Mar. 20, 2018
    "milk is life
    life is good
    milk is good"
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    • +2 +2 0 doge 4 May. 30, 2018
      "Agreed doge 2 and doge 3"
    • +2 +2 0 Doge 3 Mar. 21, 2018
      "agreed doge 2"
  • +2 +12 -10 me Jan. 19, 2017
    "i like milk"
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  • +2 +15 -13 paws Nov. 9, 2016
    "i like milk"
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  • +2 +27 -25 Sharkeisha Dec. 4, 2015
    "i drink milk so its good"
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  • +2 +31 -29 clayton May. 29, 2014
    "I drink milk with every meal"
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  • +2 +28 -26 Suzie May. 28, 2014
    "I know milk has helped our family stay healthy.
    Unless a person has a health issue or allergy, milk gets my vote 100%. I have tried and liked soy, rice, almond, lactaid, there are ok, but milk is still our first choice."
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  • +2 +27 -25 Hannah May. 22, 2014
    "I've been drinking milk since I was a baby. people will look for any mistakes in everyday life to complain about. Milk's amazing and anyone who think differently is weird."
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  • +2 +33 -31 Amberley Justice Feb. 10, 2014
    "It is true that girls can be relived by drinking milk with PMS."
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    • 0 0 0 YO MAMA Oct. 25, 2016
      "SO TRUE! Boys dont get it but its a girl thing."
  • +1 +1 0 Thomas Jan. 10, 2019
    "Milk is good for your bones so, milk is good."
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    • 0 0 0 Thomas Jan. 17, 2019
  • +1 +1 0 hi Jan. 8, 2019
    "yes becuse it can help your bones"
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  • +1 +1 0 MILKGOD Dec. 17, 2018
    "Milk is a very important part of peoples lives as if you drink it will help you. People are making things so that if you drink Milk you can be healthier"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +5 -4 Dave Sep. 6, 2018
    "I believe that milk is only bad for you when you consume huge amounts just like with a lot of other foods. There is no reason to deprive yourself from drinking milk"
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  • +1 +5 -4 A Very Smart Person Jun. 5, 2018
    "This is a Pro, Perhaps

    Milk. The healthy delicious drink we all know and love. Why get rid of it when 10% of are food revolves around it. Its healthy, delicious and part of are healthy diet, and it has been for thousands of years.

    Everyone claiming that milk should be forgotten is wrong and I'm here to prove it. If we have been drinking milk for so long then why is this topic being brought up now? The answer? It never should have. Milk has an extremely rare chance of causing cancer, in fact it has yet to be 100% proven by scientist.

    If drinking milk isn't ok then why is chopping cows into pieces and selling them as fast food not been a big problem? Some instances beef has actually caused cancer as well as heart failure. But that's not a problem. So milk shouldn't be one too. People are also complaining that milk has to much sugar and can be unhealthy. Milk has 12 grams of sugar. Bananas have 12.23 grams! And belive it or not Sugar is an extremely important part of your daily value, as long as you don't overdose it."
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    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "Sugar, as in refined sugar, sugar that actually looks like what we would call sugar is definitely a problem. Not sugar in whole fruit. Milk is certainly a big problem for the planet and our health. Not to mention the dairy industry is incredibly cruel."
    • -1 0 -1 bmniac Aug. 5, 2018
      "Sugar is white poison. Read up smart person."
  • +1 +4 -3 mate May. 14, 2018
    "on yes milk"
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  • +1 +6 -5 Alayna Mar. 12, 2018
    "i like milk"
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  • +1 +7 -6 Unknown Mar. 9, 2018
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  • +1 +12 -11 JC Feb. 14, 2017
    "Is it just me, or do all the con arguments use overly dramatic and vague word choice and phrasings? While the pro comments are simple, to the point explanations that are easily understandable."
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  • +1 +13 -12 kirstenkennon Sep. 21, 2016
    "yea milke is good for you / body but not all times!"
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  • +1 +13 -12 Gabby Jun. 10, 2016
    "Good/ or/ Bad Milk
    By: Gabby
    Milk is a beverage that you enjoy. One 8- ounce severing puts you on your way of meeting the daily value. The protein in milk is high quality. Vitamin B12 help red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lugs to your muscles.Low- fat and free- fat milk is the best source of calcium."
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  • +1 +13 -12 mandy May. 16, 2016
    "Milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D which play a key role in the health of your teeth and bones. It also contains essential nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C, strontium and magnesium. Milk also contains potassium which has been found to help in vasodilation and reducing blood pressure. Milk is also a rich source of protein and also contains a large amount of saturated fat that prevents muscle mass from being used for energy. I could go on and on about the benefits of milk but those of you who consume milk would know about it already! Safe to say I don't plan on stopping my daily glass of Pride of Cows milk any time soon!"
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  • +1 +13 -12 natalee Apr. 28, 2016
    "it has calcium and riboflavin it's good right?"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +13 -12 Will Apr. 14, 2016
    "It does the body good."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 natalee Apr. 28, 2016
      "i agree"
  • +1 +14 -13 Dodger 46 Mar. 18, 2016
    "yes because it rules"
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  • +1 +16 -15 Liz Feb. 23, 2016
    "I think milk is healthy for us because it helps us grow taller and grow stronger bones. One glass provides with lots of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorous, potassium, and even protein!"
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 Wolf Larsen May. 23, 2016
      "yea all that great stuff you cant even digest out of the milk."
  • +1 +17 -16 Erin Feb. 6, 2016
    "Clean Raw Milk is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be beneficial to most consumers. Just as everything that God created, Raw Milk is highly attacked on all levels, which is satan's master plan. "Drinking Milk" and "Drinking Raw Milk" are two totally different subjects. I could go on about the scientific proof, but like everything in the world today- "Bad is Good" and "Good is Bad." Our food system does not glorify the Creator, so I would be cautious of any opinion that is "Main Stream" or supported by large money making organizations such as the USDA or FDA."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 GildaT Mar. 12, 2017
      "Cow milk makes my tummy and colon unpredictable. We have milk goats and get between 3/4 to 1 1/2 gallons daily and it settles great. Hubby and I, as well as our son and his wife & children drink it. We all love it and have not gained any weight, but have LOST at least 10% and some as much as 35% of body weight, with the milk being 10 - 14% butterfat & naturally homogenized. It's yummy - we do NOT pasteurize."
    • 0 +1 -1 Josh Glass Mar. 4, 2016
      "Honestly, religion has nothing to do with it. Raw milk is full of bacteria and hormones. If it is not pasteurized, it is full of diseases. Where do you get the idea that all of God's creation is good? What about cancer, measles, tuberculosis, and the countless other diseases? That is not a good argument."
  • +1 +21 -20 Karl Jan. 15, 2016
    "I personally think milk is good for you and can benefit you in many ways. It can strengthen bones and has a good amount of vitamins"
    1250 characters left
    • -2 +1 -3 Josh Glass Feb. 3, 2016
      "Its also full of hormones and fats, and humans cannot digest many of the vitamins in milk. It has proteins in it which require calcium for humans to process, and causes osteoporosis later in life. What you're saying is just false advertising."
  • +1 +27 -26 Kevin Nov. 15, 2015
    "Milk is my favorite thing is the whole world! How you disparage this beautiful creation?!"
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +5 0 Kevin Nov. 18, 2015
      "Oh, Mr.Castellanos! You are so knowledgeable on the subject of dairy products!"
    • +3 +4 -1 Castillanos Nov. 18, 2015
      "Drinking milk is enabling me to improve my splits. My graduate students thank you, milk."
    • +2 +2 0 glass Dec. 17, 2015
      "Brandon, maybe you should look into yogurt? I hear it has similar effects on a person's flexibility as milk does.

      Lots of Love,
      Hippie from the 60s
      (J. Glass)"
    • +1 +2 -1 Brandon Dec. 9, 2015
      "Keeevviiinnnnnnn!!!! Darn you! I've been trying to do splits for months and then you chug a gallon and do a whole gymnastics routine! ughhhhh I feel inferior in front of my students now. I will be up to your level one day, mark my words (I have even invested in a cow so I can get the best quality dairy to enhance my splits)."
  • +1 +21 -20 Jasmine Oct. 6, 2015
    "milk has many different nutrient rich elements that are vital for humans."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +21 -20 unknownweirdo May. 22, 2015
    "Whole milk can be bad for you. But if you only drink a small amount or drink 2% instead then its not so bad. Milk has calcium which is really good for us. If you don't like it or think its unhealthy, don't drink it. Leave people who want to alone."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +20 -19 James McCarder May. 11, 2015
    "Chocolate milk is good for you because It makes your big and strong now everyone should know this so, let's get real here if you're saying negative, and/or false information about chocolate milk I find it quite petty that you're that passionate about something this stupid. Find something else to complain over otherwise you'll just waste time and get more people to thumbs down your comments I recommend that you stop wasting other people's time.

    Someone could overly mad and I see that people have a negative impact on chocolate milk and ganging up on certain people will not help your argument."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +25 -24 Daxon Christie Apr. 1, 2015
    "because my mom is a heath specialist. She says that chocolate milk is very good for you, though it has lots of sugar, kids will burn it off during the day. Many people say that it bad because it has lots of sugar and my kid will be fat. They are wrong."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 unbias Apr. 3, 2015
      "Thanks for your thoughts. My fear with this recommendation to young kids is the long term consequences as many people don't think about. This recommendation came from a professor / college swimming coach doing a study if chocolate milk is a good source of recovery drink.Although it was good but no better than Gatorade/water but because it was sponsored by the American Dairy Association they ran with it as the recommended choice. This is a great marketing tool for setting the kids up as long term consumers even after high /college the only problem is these kids will nit have the metabolism that they had in school so you can see this is bad."
    • +1 +1 0 Daxon Christie Apr. 2, 2015
      "well you are suppose to drink it after sports and when you are running around. But your not suppose to drink a gallon or milk a day

      p.s. i know your kids and the are not chubby. jk"
    • -1 0 -1 Harleigh Jul. 15, 2015
      "Chocolate milk is recommended for professional athletes during intense training as a recovery drink.

      Milk itself for the average consumer is not healthy. Chocolate milk for a kid or whatever is not really healthy either. Milk should not be treated as a nutritional supplement to a diet, but as a dessert and consumed in moderation."
    • -3 0 -3 Unbias Apr. 1, 2015
      "I only wish your mom is right so I can agree. But my observation from my boys High School Water Polo team proved otherwise. These kids are suppose to look good and ripped but instead they looked a little chubby which is very uncharacteristic of swimmers. My boy tells me their coaches tell them to drink up to a gallon of chocolate milk a day for recovery and he said lots of his teammates are always coughing and sick. Personally I'm a formal natural bodybuilder and never drink milk and limit my sugar intakes and after 25 years from High School, I'm still the same weight as compare to my milk drinking classmates who are 20 to 50 pounds over weight. Sorry I love to agree but I'll pass on the milk."
  • +1 +24 -23 Maggie mcC Mar. 15, 2015
    "Buy raw milk or get your own cow or goat, add homegrown berries and veggies, home raised chicken and pigs for luscious meats. My 5 children, 41-55 now and I at 78, are doing very well...try are as healthy as horses
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  • +1 +29 -28 Aaban Mar. 9, 2015
    "Milk is good yes, very good."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +24 -23 j_money Jan. 27, 2015
    "milk is good and tasty and heathy in some ways but have suger"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +26 -25 Something Oct. 20, 2014
    "Milk is Awesome! plus we eat lots of things that aren't healthy for us besides for the fact they fill us up."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +26 -25 CraigN Aug. 19, 2014
    "Milk is AWESOME......for me. I understand that there is a portion of the planet that does like it. Still - don't force your beliefs on the rest of us. I think the milk advertisers should be free to say it is a great product. If it doesn't work for you don't drink it. I don't drink beer but I'm not on a crusade to stop the beer producers. I am a semi pro mountain biker and I live on milk. There is no way that I would be able to do what I do with out milk.
    The argument about other animals not drinking milk is foolish. All omnivores will drink milk if it is placed before them. No other animal however has domesticated an animal to take advantage of its milk capacity. Bears LOVE milk but have a very difficult time milking cows.
    Additionally, everyone is debating calcium and vitamin D. Who cares - take a multi vitamin. The important part is the quality proteins that are easily available. You can't get that from any other source as easily or as cost effectively."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +28 -27 FREDDY MCJAGUIER May. 1, 2014
    "People have been drinking milk for ages. Milk is good. I like it."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +31 -30 al Apr. 15, 2014
    "Yes because it helps your bones get stronger."
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  • 0 +5 -5 568023 Apr. 3, 2018
    "It has calcium in it with helps your bones grow and become strong"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +10 -10 Sonic Mar. 6, 2018
    "Milk Has Protein Which Is Very Important"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +6 -6 ----- Mar. 6, 2018
    "GO MILK!"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +6 -6 Bobby-Jones Mar. 5, 2018
    "If chocolate milk is "bad" for you, then why haven't we looked further into it, and why is it such a big deal?"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +5 -5 owen Feb. 28, 2018
    "we would not have good stuff"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +8 -8 Milk Feb. 1, 2018
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  • 0 +6 -6 kronk Oct. 7, 2017
    "Milk has a nice taste"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +9 -9 Brendon May. 15, 2017
    "I NEED MILK!!! WE NEED MILK!!! Do. Not. Take. Away. Our. Milk. Privileges."
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  • 0 +11 -11 Jordan Mar. 28, 2017
    "I can eat Ice cream right??"
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 Lilac Mar. 29, 2017
      "I don't I think I can live in a world where I can't eat ice cream ????"
  • 0 +13 -13 1 Mar. 16, 2017
    "Milk has vitamins and calcium to make you strong"
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  • 0 +11 -11 johncanhady Feb. 15, 2017
    "yes it is healthy for humans beacause milk can make human's strength healtier and make humans taller. uh-hu uh-hu it is sooooooo healthy"
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  • 0 +12 -12 richard/ savage Feb. 15, 2017
    "i think milk is some thing we all need its tasty and we can have fun"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +9 -9 WE NEED SOME MILK Feb. 13, 2017
    "milk is a leading source of calcium but the about half of the methods are cruel to the cowsor goats. or whatever animal."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "Calcium can be obtained from many, many plant foods. And yes, milk production is very cruel to other animals although it's certainly higher than 50%."
  • 0 +15 -15 Good Succ Nov. 1, 2016
    "Milk does not cause cancer."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Angel Dec. 6, 2017
      "where is your proof?"
  • 0 +14 -14 YO MAMA Oct. 25, 2016
    "it is really healthy and contains lots of calcium when I broke a bone this helped heal it"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +11 -11 caleb Oct. 17, 2016
    "milk can help you teeth and I like my teeth to be white"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +10 -10 Joseph Turquise Oct. 6, 2016
    "milk is my business and milk is good!"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +12 -12 kirstenkennon Sep. 20, 2016
    "i think milk is heathly! and its tastes goof"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +13 -13 Max Musterman Jul. 11, 2016
    "I have a question, if whole milk is not healthy is whole milk chocolate healthy?"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +33 -33 [email protected] Mar. 3, 2014
    "The nutrient values in RAW MILK make milk a complete life sustaining product to include the fat content. Note, there is a difference in the nutrient make up and bio-chemical composition of RAW Milk (good for you) and the highly process homogenized milk that is regularly sold and consumed by the most. A lot of the health issues experienced by people from consumption of milk are derived from processed milk as a result of the body not recognizing the processed product as something it should be ingesting. RAW MILK like so many other foods that when not subjected to processing by big dairy manufacturing is a viable and good source of nutrition. Note, the only basis for pasteurizing milk is to increase shelf life and increasing yield of of milk thereby, augmenting distribution of the product for monetary gains. I have no issue with dairy industry and the sale of processed milk but it should be legal for all to be able to have access to true dairy which is RAW dairy products."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +37 -37 kayla Feb. 7, 2014
    "milk is good for your bones, it makes you very strong."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +45 -45 milky Feb. 5, 2014
    "i think milk is good for your health so you grow strong"
    1250 characters left
    • -3 +1 -4 Josh Glass Jan. 26, 2016
      "You Think??? Milk has acidic proteins that TAKE calcium from your bones. Humans should not drink another animal's milk."
  • 0 +41 -41 ernie Nov. 14, 2013
    "yummy yummy i want milk in my tummy!!!!"
    1250 characters left
    • +9 +9 0 IM NOT MILK Apr. 22, 2015
      "nice song. this world needs artists like you :D"
  • -1 +5 -6 kronk Oct. 7, 2017
    "The dairy industry is a massive fiscal provider, tax revenue leads to more infrastructure and progression. The tax revenue leads to more health care for people within a civilisation, and thus, milk is absolutely healthy for humans."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +5 -6 Lillian DeKeyzer Oct. 5, 2017
    "I agree."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +3 -5 Michel c. Sep. 12, 2018
    "when you eat too many cookies and your tummy hurts drinking milk makes it not hurt, so how can milk be bad if it makes tummy aches go away."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +6 -8 matt Apr. 12, 2017
    "milk is good for you because it has a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body needs"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +9 -11 kevin M. Mar. 30, 2017
    "milk is the best so don't hate like it its good ????"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +7 -9 bob Mar. 28, 2017
    "ice cream is the best"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +9 -11 Bob scrammy Feb. 28, 2017
    "Yes it helps your bones"
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +1 -4 milker Nov. 8, 2018
    "This website is a great researcher. It has great facts but some of them are false. Sorry but chocolate milk stays!!!"
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +1 -4 egg Sep. 27, 2018
    "why would anyone ever have human milk with their cereal?"
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +9 -12 secret Mar. 7, 2016
    "kids choose chocolate milk over white milk any time, so if schools take away chocolate milk, kids won't be drinking any milk at all. Also, school is the ONLY place a kid gets to drink chocolate milk, so it's not fair if schools take chocolate milk away from kids.

    From, Miss Anynoumoss"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Wolf Larsen May. 23, 2016
      "maybe tis a good thing schools are taking out milk. no other country consumes as much milk as america yet we are the only country with an obesity problem."
  • -3 +22 -25 Nickolie Dec. 17, 2013
    "I am neither pro nor con. I drink milk as does all of my family and even my grandmother who is 86 has been drinking milk her whole life. She was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and she still drinks milk. I am now 19 and have also been drinking a large portion of milk everyday and im healthy and fit. However. I do agree that the hormones and other things we put into cows may not be the best way to drink milk. All natural dairy/buttermilk is much healthier and better for humans. And as is soy/almond milk. But Regular milk wont harm you. Just us milk in moderation if your concerned and see for yourself."
    1250 characters left
  • -4 +4 -8 Mary V. Nov. 17, 2017
    "The consumption of milk benefits all humans no matter the age. Milk is very good for you and if you think that humans shouldn't drink milk you can go live with the cows since you like them so much.Milk is very essential to life you can't live without it.Cows aren't supposed to be pets they are supposed to make your ice cream."
    1250 characters left
  • -13 +15 -28 lucy Feb. 4, 2015
    "very good!
    so you are saying that all human should drink milk?
    1250 characters left

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  • +24 +141 -117 Harleigh Jul. 15, 2015
    "1 in 4 U.S. children are lactose intolerant, while 60% of adults can not properly digest lactose. With such high numbers its hard to tell if many people actually get the benefits of milk that milk offers. Even though milk is a good source of calcium and more, if the body can not properly digest it, you will lose all of that nutrition gained.

    Milk has also been linked to many diseases and the #1 source of total fat and saturated fat in children's diet. We are the only mammal to drink another mammals milk and to consume milk after the infant stage.

    Even though milk or dairy products taste good, it should not be treated as a nutritionally valued thing, but a unhealthy occasional thing and not the main source of any nutrition.

    There are many other healthy alternatives to milk that taste very similar or could easily replace cow milk. Almond milk is a very good alternative for those who do not have nut allergies or soy milk for those without soy allergies. Goats milk is better for us than cows milk, because structurally its closer to a humans milk; however, it is still a mammalian milk and should be avoided."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 LUVMILK Dec. 17, 2018
      "just drink lactiad"
  • +15 +22 -7 Kevin Mar. 22, 2018
    "Why on earth would we drink milk with all of these proven problems? Three years ago i had an extreme intolerance to wheat, on a Celiac, but then i started cutting dairy out of my diet and now i can consume a small amount with no consequence"
    1250 characters left
  • +12 +36 -24 Bob Aug. 15, 2017
    "Human milk is very healthy for human babies. I think it strange to suckle on a cow. Perhaps if I wanted to put on 2-3 pounds per day like it is intended to do for a calve I would consider it. But then I would have to also consider the increased risk of so many diseases in addition to the antibiotics and hormones in cows milk."
    1250 characters left
  • +9 +34 -25 Me, an intellectual Dec. 5, 2017
    "Isn't it strange how most of the articles quoted for pros are from *gasp* the DAIRY INDUSTRY. Really, guys? They just want to make their products look good! Have you NOT caught on to that yet??!!?!"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Milk rocks Jul. 13, 2018
      "At the other end are bean and nut growers making believe beans and nuts can be milked."
    • 0 0 0 fellow intellectual Jul. 11, 2018
      "A true intellectual!!"
  • +9 +30 -21 Maureen Jul. 12, 2017
    "Cow's milk is designed to turn a baby cow into an 800 pound adult cow. It is not human food, any more than dog's milk or giraffe milk is. Just because humans have been consuming it for many years does not negate the fact that it is meant for baby cows! We have been brainwashed by the dairy industry."
    1250 characters left
  • +5 +44 -39 Hunter Sep. 8, 2016
    "No, i believe that drinking milk from a whole different species is not healthy. Cows milk is specifically made with nutrients for a calf and not a young or full grown human.... Not healthy."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 ;-; Dec. 7, 2017
      "So then what are we gonna drink for the rest of our lives?? Alien milk??? Powdered milk??? Breast milk which is meant for BABIES????"
  • +3 +55 -52 Eustace Apr. 16, 2015
    "Y'all should watch "Forks over Knives." It is actually a solid documentary that has very interesting information about milk and other food products. Take a look, it changed my life, it might just change yours. Have a good life homies."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +7 -6 Milk lord2.0 Jun. 6, 2018
    "Milk is not for humans but animals"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Milk lord3.0 Sep. 27, 2018
      "but humans are animals"
  • 0 0 0 Kate Jan. 4, 2019
    "Why would a human need cow's milk? We wouldn't drink breast milk from any other animal and we stop drinking our mothers breast milk when we are still babies. I think it's common sense not to drink it but since we have been told for so long it's "healthy" people just blindly believe."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +1 -1 Niyeli H. Dec. 3, 2018
    "No because it give you cramps."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +1 -1 Pb Jelly Dec. 3, 2018
    "No way. Did you know the FDA allows 750 million pus cells of a cow into every single liter of milk we drink. You would think the FDA would keep us safe but no they don't."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
    "...continued from my previous comment

    Last argument against dairy would be the cruelty caused to animals through it's production - especially today when animal products are MASS produced (switching to grass fed/organic/etc would not be the answer, because we simply don't have the land spaces or natural resources required to make this the feasible mainstream production method).

    Many people fail to see how dairy production is cruel - surely they just milk cows and that's the end of it? It involves impregnating female cows way more frequently than is natural or healthy, separating mothers and calfs at birth and slaughtering male calfs very soon after birth (veal and dairy industries are very closely related) just to name a few inhumane practices.

    The great thing about cutting out dairy in 2018 is that we have SO many alternatives for every different product; cheese, milk, yoghurt, ice cream, cream, chocolate, etc. It's just about doing a little bit of research and seeing what alternatives you like best!

    Last comment - many DAIRY COMPANIES are now investing in plant-based dairy alternatives as they see their inevitable potential and growth for the future."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
    "Biologically, milk is designed for a calf, to grow them into a fully sized, adult cow in a very short period of time. Hence the IGF-1 (cancer causing btw) and other hormones, high levels of protein (way above that of human milk), etc. Therefore, cows milk should only be drunk by baby cows the same way human milk should only be drunk by human babies. Most adults would never think of drinking human milk yet they don't question their consumption of cows milk. You don't see monkeys drinking the milk from a cat - and their bones seem to be perfectly fine! In my opinion, this is the key argument that makes consuming dairy illogical.

    Humans have only been consuming cows milk for around 10k years, if that, yet homosapiens have lived for several hundred thousand years. Osteoporosis (a disease of very weak bones essentially) is highest in the countries where the most dairy is consumed.

    Not to mention how horrific dairy is for our environment, such as accelerating climate change. There was a report published recently stating that the single biggest way to reduce YOUR impact on the environment is to reduce meat and dairy consumption... I'll continue my comment as there is a limited number of characters"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +4 -4 Anonymous Sep. 25, 2018
    "Milk has COW PUS AND BLOOD IN IT. Can I just say yuck"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +2 -2 Gunnar S. Sep. 25, 2018
    "My comment falls more in the category of truth in advertising and enhances my reservations about trust. Everyone knows "Our Farmers Pledge". What is the pledge? Is it a verbal or written? Is there enforcement and is there a penalty? And here is why I think the whole thing is bogus. Is there a non BGH milk collection route and separate milk storage tanks at processing facilities and another route and storage for BGH herds? Why are we printing this on the label if it in fact seems to be highly improbable? My takeaway is lying is okay where marketing is concerned."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 Me Jul. 19, 2018
    "Some arguments for the pro side is that humans have been drinking it for a VERY long time so why are we still drinking it if it is bad for us? Well, it IS bad for us. Someone on the pro side stated that obesity was only a problem in the past 50ish years. In 1950, the world population was about 2.5 billion. Currently, the world population is about 7.6 billion. The population of the world has only increased by about 300% so that means the milk production should have gone up worldwide by about 300%, right? Wrong. The milk production has gone up by 600% JUST IN THE US SINCE 1950. So just because we have been drinking it for a long time, even then they were not eating and drinking as much dairy products as people are today. The US Department of Agriculture says that most Americans consume 630 pounds of dairy products a year. That equates to about 1.7 pounds a day, and I can garete you people did not consume that much 50 years ago or in biblical time.

    Basically, milk and dairy products are NOT good for your health and should be avoided."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +14 -14 Raven Mar. 5, 2018
    "If it is good for you, than why if kids drink it at school everyday, they can gain 2-5 pounds?"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +22 -22 Crawford/savage Feb. 15, 2017
    "I personally believe that milk is a bad environment for people. It has growth hormones which are very bad for your body"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +4 -2 Nevaeh G. Feb. 28, 2017
      "I hate that you wantto get rid of chocolate milk"
  • 0 +29 -29 John Feb. 11, 2017
    "This is not a con... perhaps...

    A 20 year study involving over 100,000 people, "Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures..." published in the British Medical Journal, indicated that milk did not prevent bone fracture and, instead, promoted the risk and death. The end of the study noted a 200% increase of death of people who drank 3. and an insignificant escalation of bone fractures.

    Although they have noted not to regard the study seriously, as it may simply be a reverse-causation phenoma, this study does create speculation about the health benefits of milk."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +37 -37 person Feb. 2, 2017
    "From a biological standpoint it is freaky weird. An animal drinking another species' milk. Like giving breastfed milk to cows."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +30 -30 Masisisiosoebr Oct. 17, 2016
    "Milk has many bad effects despite what society has been taught and forced to improperly learn. On a side note, humans do not continue to drink their own mother's milk as an adult. So why continue to drink breast milk from an entirely different specie? And further more, it is stealing milk from the calves that it rightfully belongs to."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +4 -2 milkman Feb. 20, 2017
      "no milk is good!!!!!"
  • -2 +2 -4 PB and J Dec. 13, 2018
    "No. Milk is so not healthy. Get it right uncultured swines."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +10 -12 presley Mar. 1, 2018
    "milk is not healthy some love milk some hate it. i've always been told that milk is good for your body but really is it?how could it be good for your body if it comes from something that isnt human. just like eggs"
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 Dave Sep. 6, 2018
      "You do realize that nothing comes from humans right?"
  • -3 +4 -7 Milk Lord Jr. May. 15, 2018
    "Milk Sucks!"
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 Mr Milk Lord Crusher May. 24, 2018
      "opinion not fact"
  • -3 +14 -17 star wuz heer Dec. 4, 2017
    "cows milk is really unhealthy because it has 12 grams of sugar, and flavored milk can have up to 30 g. or more."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 slow clap May. 24, 2018
      "wow 12 grams, bananas have 12.23 grams of sugar but that's not ''Really unhealthy""
  • -3 +16 -19 Amy H. May. 1, 2017
    "Drinking milk is unnecessary, there are no nutrients in milk(and other dairy products) that cannot be obtained through plant-based sources. It is also inhumane as it means calves have to be separated from their mothers, and means male calves are killed for veal (as they do not produce milk). Finally, our exploitation of cows and other animals is an example of speciesism (a prejudice or bias in favour of the interests of members of one's own species against members of another species). If a superior alien race visited Earth and treated us the way that we treat farm animals, we would hope that they would realize that their behaviour is wrong. :("
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 D.N. May. 23, 2017
      "Speciesism is not a thing it is called survival of the fittest."
  • -3 +46 -49 Me Jan. 8, 2017
    "milk is for calves, not for us."
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 Toast May. 30, 2018
      "Opinion, not fact."
    • -3 +2 -5 Not your concern Mar. 30, 2017
      "you people want to get rid of chocolate milk. honestly, have you lost your minds!!!!! Plain milk, whatever, but cocoa milk, not cool bro."
  • -4 +11 -15 anonymous Oct. 12, 2017
    "Are we baby cows? No! Why do we drink cows milk, if we're not baby cows. Drinking cows milk can give you bad bone brittle problems or Osteogenesis imperfecta. Comment on your side of the story."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 the awesome people Apr. 18, 2018
      "So you want us to only eat what we, are just tell me to go eat a human. No thanks. I'm good drinking milk every day. SORRY"
    • +1 +1 0 the awesome people Apr. 18, 2018
      "So are you saying that we shouldn't eat anything that we aren't??????? you want me to go eat a human?????"
  • -5 +13 -18 bill Feb. 23, 2018
    "milk make me sick"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Doge 4 Jun. 5, 2018
      "Why hello again Doge 2, me and Doge 3 read your comment."
    • 0 0 0 doge 2 Mar. 21, 2018
      "you must be lactose intolarentt. thets is probly why"
  • -5 +19 -24 Thoughts Dec. 9, 2016
    "Calcium and Vitamin D are great but did you know that milk manufacturers enrich the milk with the famous pros about milk"
    1250 characters left
  • -7 +22 -29 Randy Oct. 25, 2016
    "The literature persuasively demonstrates that animal milk consumption is both unnecessary and unnatural for humans. In addition, the choice to consume milk and other animal products has well established nutritional, environmental and ethical/spiritual ramifications."
    1250 characters left
  • -8 +18 -26 Ricky Rozay Sep. 8, 2016
    "No because Tony Romo drinks milk and he breaks his bones every time he walks."
    1250 characters left
  • -9 +15 -24 Taci Dec. 13, 2016
    "think about it, a child at school drinks 2 cups a day for breakfast and lunch at at the end of the week, your child has already consumed 10 cups of milk, which means 3 days to digest 1 cup, that means 3 days to digest 10 cups, but by then he/she has already had 30 cups, nearly a month worth of milk.. then that has to digest, it would take all summer long to maybe get rid of our milk."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 GET YO MILK!!!!!!!!! May. 23, 2018
      "so we have more protein, calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients that milk gives us AND not all ppl drink it on a daily basis, take me, for example, I all most never drink milk and"
  • -10 +6 -16 Little Robby May. 9, 2017
    "Milk is bad because milk goes against the word of allah, that says the cow is a sacred animal, that life should be valued above that of a human."
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 D.N. May. 23, 2017
      "What does allah have to do with milk being healthy or not and it is not killing the cow."
    • +2 +2 0 jake table May. 14, 2018
      "dude we dont need religon in milk"
    • 0 0 0 Dave Sep. 6, 2018
      "Haha what?"
  • -10 +139 -149 Just a thought Apr. 17, 2012
    "I feel as though as though people have been forcing the idea that milk is good for us...or else. We can get the same nutrient and vitamins eating fruits and vegatbles. People are just to lazy to really think about what people are telling us to eat and just go with the flow. If you think about it where do cows get so much nutrition to produce milk in the first place."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +8 -6 dan Jun. 7, 2012
      "Their diet, but thats because they are ruminants meaning they have microbes in their stomach capable of breaking down plants for nutrition. Humans do not have this capability, and therefore cannot utilize a plant the way cows can."
    • +1 +2 -1 Josh Glass Jan. 12, 2016
      "I agree with you. 100%."
    • 0 +3 -3 The Chemist Mar. 1, 2014
      "Try getting Cobalamin from your fruits and vegetables, in an effective and financial sustainable way."
    • -2 +1 -3 Andrew A. Gajewski May. 1, 2014
      "ok they get the nutrients through eating the grass and grains that we feed them. so really i think that when the farmers (which i am) sell the milk to the company that produces the milk has been corrupt with preservatives that is added in the milk."
    • -2 +2 -4 Person :) Dec. 19, 2013
      "That is true but milk has the vitamins all in a convenient package. (Which you could read on the site)"
    • -3 +2 -5 Response to Dan Apr. 30, 2013
      "Yes we can, we can eat plants and get nutrients from them maybe not from grass but grass isn't the only plant out there. there is nothing natural about drinking milk from cows or any other mammal other than our mothers, which (like all mammals) we don't need to do after we are weaned. what other mammal goes out and drinks another's milk?"
    • -7 +2 -9 Deliyah Dec. 5, 2012
      "Yes your write"
  • -11 +13 -24 Bruh Sep. 1, 2016
    "Can milk make you gain weight?"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Austin Mar. 7, 2018
    • 0 +1 -1 Taci Dec. 13, 2016
      "with mostly whole milk, yes, whole milk contains 103.25% calories, and which less fat in the milk the less calories and sugars which could mean milk thats not whole has less of a risk at making you gain weight."
  • -11 +35 -46 Josh Glass Jan. 8, 2016
    "Okay, look at the comments in the "Pro" Section. 257 votes up for someone saying "I like milk." That is obviously not a logical argument. Humans are the only species that continues to drink milk past infancy, and your body is not built to do so. It neutralizes your stomach acids, which you need to digest foods. The dairy industry is profiting off of all of this, and those advertisements and beliefs are the only reasons that any of us still drink milk. Vote up or down on this because you agree or disagree with my argument, not because you dislike my point of view. Please, feel free to comment if you disagree. I would like to actually know why. Thank you for reading."
    1250 characters left
    • +4 +7 -3 Josh Glass Feb. 19, 2016
      "A month and no comments disagreeing with me, but i sure did get 15 rates down."
    • +1 +1 0 kronk Oct. 7, 2017
      "I could write in the con - "Milk is bad because it is evil" and then upvote it 1000 times, then post a comment in the pro section citing said post as a way to attempt to discredit the perceived level of intelligence of the other party."
    • 0 +1 -1 Mia Mar. 20, 2017
      "Humans are different from other species in almost every possible way. Other animals don't live in societies like ours."
    • -2 +1 -3 Chris Sep. 29, 2016
      "It is not true that milk neutralizes your stomach acids. in fact according to Dr. Kevin Gardener from Utah who specializes in family medicine, milk is one of the best things for your stomach."
  • -11 +80 -91 Carlos Dec. 1, 2012
    "When we've all been taught to believe in something the way they've taught us, it us uneasy to accept any ideas, or even actual facts, contradicting it. If we think about it, why keep an animal alive just so that we can extract its fluids and consume them ourselves? It simply doesn't make sense. Our dependency on milk is mainly on our first days of life. This is why new mothers have the ability to breast-feed. That is the milk we are supposed to consume. Breast milk does not last forever; so we should not keep consuming milk if we are not meant to, especially cow milk. Yes, milk is healthy: breast milk. And only for a certain amount of time. Thousands of years of evolution have got to be somewhat logical, right?"
    1250 characters left
  • -12 +10 -22 cece m....... Dec. 11, 2017
    "I KNEW IT!!!! thanks mom for never buying milk because niw i wont get cancer...i have been researching for weeks now and now my theory is correct milk is bad for you...even thought it can be good in some ways it is very bad for you and every family should stop drinking milk because it can cause cancer and other deaseses or how ever you spell it lol! but honestly i recomend that all families stop drinking milf for the safety ofyou and yourt kids...and also tell others around you because you can be saving lives...and proof that milk can cause prostate cancer (the whole reason ive been researching is because of this) is that my grandpa always drinks milk like evertime i am at his house he is (which is alot) and he just 2 weeks ago was diagnosed with prostate cancer...SO BOOOOOOM MILK IS BAD!!!!!!"
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 "i know milk" May. 14, 2018
      "na milk good fam and how do you know its form the milk there is alot of unknown variable. <3 love milk man"
    • +2 +2 0 Toast May. 30, 2018
      "Milk has an extremely rare chance at causing cancer, so much that scientist haven't 100% proven it. So getting cancer from milk, is as rare as getting struck by lightning. You all have nothing to worry about."
    • +1 +1 0 kevin m. Sep. 27, 2018
      "milk good."
    • 0 0 0 slow clap May. 24, 2018
      "correlation not causation( sorry for your grandpa)"
  • -12 +5 -17 jamiel Dec. 5, 2017
    "Chocolate milk is bad"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Guy that knows good May. 14, 2018
      ""Chocolate milk is good""
  • -13 +12 -25 mee Feb. 22, 2017
    "milk gives you cancer"
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 a cite May. 14, 2018
      "cite it"
  • -13 +12 -25 Gigi Greer Jun. 1, 2016
    "I don't drink much milk, it causes sinus infections in myself and my kids. We have it occasionally in cheese or ice cream. If we go without milk most of the time the mucus in our nasal passages does go away but if we have it continually or daily we will get sinus head aches that turn into infections."
    1250 characters left
  • -13 +18 -31 Duh May. 3, 2016
    "Adult bovine do not drink their mothers milk, why should I?"
    1250 characters left
    • -3 0 -3 Human Being Nov. 3, 2016
      "Humans are very, very different from cows. Our bodies need different things than theirs. Cows don't eat meat either, but the human body needs it."
  • -13 +26 -39 Anthony Sep. 15, 2015
    "Milk, although tasty and hard to avoid, is not the best thing for you. All of the nutrients found in milk can be found in PLANTS. So yes, milk is nutrient rich, but if you want cancer and heart disease in your life get your nutrients from fatty, cholesterol filled milk. Avoid as much as possible."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Ellie Nov. 2, 2018
      "And it's tasty/hard to avoid because of the casomorphine."
  • -13 +34 -47 Morrison May. 3, 2015
    "Milk is a great drink. I like the taste of milk. I enjoy drinking milk. I also like eating donuts and candy. I like burritos too. Some things we like at a certain point can be unhealthy, and that is just a fact we have to face. Milk may not cause cancer, but it may increase weight. Sometimes we just eat and drink what we want and deal with the consequences later. Enjoy milk, but recognize that it might cause consequences."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Worrison May. 14, 2018
      "it has consequences true so does every one "ever thing in moderation" ps: i think we are saying the same thing but this is simpler"
  • -14 +6 -20 Ryan May. 15, 2017
    "pls ban milk *shudders*"
    1250 characters left
  • -14 +16 -30 bobby ore Apr. 28, 2016
    "Milk can also cause stroke and a possibility of a heart attack."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 ;3 May. 14, 2018
      "Cite it"
    • +1 +1 0 ;) Dec. 4, 2017
      "That is true. But only if you drink a lot."
  • -14 +16 -30 Noharulesq5 Mar. 4, 2016
    "No because it gives humans a lot of added sugar and humans can get an allergic reaction"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 a Cat May. 14, 2018
      "your saying if we get a allergic reaction it is bad for everyone i'm allergic to cats kill all the cats oh no"
  • -14 +27 -41 Kylie Knutsen Oct. 12, 2015
    "Although milk does provide calcium and other essential vitamins and nutrients, it is not essential in our lives. No other mammal drinks milk after infancy. And ESPECIALLY not from a mammal other than our own mothers. It is easy to obtain the same health benefits from eating vegan!"
    1250 characters left
  • -14 +28 -42 Alexis Moyer May. 4, 2015
    "I am lactose intolerant and have a hard time letting go of the milk and cheese intake. This is not good because there are bad consequences when I eat/drink these. There are alternative choices like drinking lactaid milk, but does not have the same taste as real milk."
    1250 characters left
  • -15 +15 -30 Sarena Dougherty Nov. 12, 2014
    "It causes osteoporosis later on in life. Despite what the past has said, "Milk is good for your bones," this is not true."
    1250 characters left
  • -15 +65 -80 Jackie Aug. 3, 2012
    "On the subject of calcium, i've read from other sources that cow milk is acidic because it is an animal protein. In turn the body has to fix this and use calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid. So instead of it giving us a lot of calcium, wouldn't that mean we gain little, if any at all, calcium for our bones?

    I will probably resort to avoiding milk or drinking it in moderation. I've heard almond milk is pretty good. I can get proteins and nutrients elsewhere such as the primary sources - plants...where the cows got it."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Milk lover Jul. 13, 2018
      "Cows have rumen. You will furt a lot on cows diet."
  • -16 +22 -38 Effie Jan. 10, 2016
    "It's kinda weird :( milk is made for baby cows not humans, it's like breast feeding your cat"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 I HAVE A CAT Apr. 7, 2016
      "you ruined me for milk"
    • 0 0 0 cat lover 56 Oct. 18, 2017
      "isnt that normal"
  • -17 +27 -44 pootis May. 17, 2015
    "Milk's harms outweigh the benefits"
    1250 characters left
  • -17 +24 -41 Chloe Aug. 20, 2014
    "People weren't made do drink milk made by another animal. When you think about it, cows don't drink human milk, which is just as unnatural.

    You can get the same nutrients milk gives you from foods like broccoli or beans. In my opinion broccoli and beans tastes a lot better than milk, anyways.

    I don't see a reason for milk to be banned, but I don't think doctors and parents and teachers should be forcing the fact that "milk is good for you so drink lots of it." You can easily find calcium in lots of foods and drinks that dont cause lactose-intolerants like me stomach aches and vomiting.

    When I was younger my parents would give me milk like any other baby, but I would just throw up every time. Once I was switched to breast feeding I was perfectly fine. Today I get so sick from even the slightest bit of dairy, and I can't stand the taste of milk."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 star wuz heer Dec. 4, 2017
      "that happens to me too."
  • -18 +16 -34 Olivia Maloney Jul. 2, 2014
    "Anyone who thinks it is.. well you're only going by what you were told. It's and outdated viewpoint that is soon coming to the realization of being false. Milk is fattening and most of the cows it comes from are given growth hormones. There are many better tasting alternatives like coconut milk and mmm almond milk! Almond milk is much healthier and has more calcium than dairy milk! Got milk is a big fat lie, and the ones lying to you are the big corporations, not to sound hippie there. They're main goal is to make money, the alternative milk companies want a healthier world."
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 georgie Nov. 13, 2014
      "Oh you are so right. I'm drinking coconut milk smoothie I just made w.banana. I have a stomach virus, can't keep anything down...i think if coconut water fights bacterial ailments, I'm hoping the coc.milk will too.once upon a time we all fell for "got milk"..pre worldwideweb! , amore accurate, appropriate now: "got milk? Then u got pus&blood"!" hormones like rbst a naturally occurring hormone but farms inject 4 increased milk production. Usda I've heard may allow levels (if low) pus&blood.its horrible, but major indu $try! I tell people if they must have milk, @least use organic skim! The problem is we get sick, diseases from milk but we don't know!! Breathe of fresh air reading ur comments, tho, gives hope there's some people thinking! Vs.those duped by industry & govnmnt"
  • -19 +18 -37 Nicki Nov. 12, 2013
    "I think that milk is not good for us and alone parents and grandparents have been telling us "Drink up milk is good for you sweet!" but its really not and i think that scientist need to do something about it. Because back before today our cows were healthy and could reproduce healthy milk for us to drink and use in our everyday foods!"
    1250 characters left
  • -19 +31 -50 Sherry Apr. 14, 2013
    "I can tell ya, I used to live in canada, and the school i went to didn't give us food, we'd bring it from home. I was only 7. Then about a year later, I moved to america, started eating school lunches. That same year, I had developed acne, started getting breasts, and I was only in 3rd grade. It's well known that there is an abundance of hormones put in cows milk. With the effect it had on my and my worsening skin problems (acne and eczema) , it only improved when i cut dairy out of the diet. Nuff said."
    1250 characters left
  • -19 +43 -62 karly Feb. 22, 2013
    "you guys aren't understanding the point here. yes milk has calcium but since milk is acidic the calcium is used to neutralize the acidity in your stomach. your bones are also the biggest storage of alkaline material so they give off THEIR CALCIUM AND IRON to keep your pH levels alkaline."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 Red Jun. 5, 2015

      Some argument. First of all, rigorous exercise is NOT good for you. Moderate exercise is good for you, but rigorous is not. Secondly, I don't see where the original comment said anything about exercise. As I said in another comment, milk is fine as long as you treat it like lemonade and spicy food. Just don't tell us it's healthy."
    • 0 0 0 A Really Smart Guy Jun. 5, 2018
      "So your saying its not ok for you to drink cow's milk because they need leftover nutrients that are being discarded from their body, but its ok for us to slaughter them shred them into pieces and shape them into a thick disc of meet that we cook and eat? You seem to have no shame on that but you do with cow's milk?"
    • -2 0 -2 Kevin Mar. 4, 2014
      "So you are saying we shouldn't drink lemonade or eat spicy foods and refrain from eating a majority of our diet? (Milk is not that far from the neutral 7pH by the way). With this argument, you are actually discouraging rigorous exercise (which is super good for you) because it produces lactic acid. I believe my work is done here. Argument invalid."
    • -3 0 -3 Tracy Mar. 3, 2013
      "Karly, while I agree with your view on milk, I have to say the bit about the acid/alkaline balance is voodoo. The body has an extreme means for maintaining pH balance. If your body varies more than a fraction of a pH point, you are sick. The whole acid/alkaline story comes from urine pH which has nothing to do with your systemic pH."
  • -19 +59 -78 Think! Sep. 26, 2012
    "Lets really think about this... Why cows milk? Why milk period? Women produce milk after giving birth to a child, but then milk stops being produced after so long. Cows give birth and then stop producing after so long as well. Cows never need to drink the milk again so why do humans need to contain to consume the cows milk? If its okay for a cow to stop drinking the thing that helped it grow from a 90 lbs. calf to a 1000 lbs. cow... I think it is safe to say humans don't need to be drinking it into adulthood either. Plus after finding out cows have naturally occurring morphine in their milk I'm done with it... I'm allergic to morphine and well that just scares the crap out of me. No wonder I feel crappy all the time because I love cheese and I'm essentially eating morphine as well as a bunch of other pesticides and antibiotics etc. that aren't good for me."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 john wayne Feb. 9, 2016
      "Then don't eat dairy."
  • -20 +11 -31 Patrick Jan. 19, 2015
    "How come you did not list non-tree nuts and tree nuts on the calcium comparison charts? Milk & diary, fish & meat, and staple items where listed."
    1250 characters left
  • -20 +11 -31 Paige Jan. 5, 2015
    "With all the antibiotics and other chemicals that are being put into the milk are changing the human immune system. It does not taste like what it use to. It is not the animals who give us milk, but the people to jack antibodies into them. I do enjoy milk, but it just keeps changing. I am not saying that you should stop drinking it, but it is just not what it use to be like. Milk is still milk but the changes are dramatic. It does not give us the chance to build up our own immune systems. Think about it."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 josh Jan. 6, 2015
      "how do you know that they put antibiotics in milk"
  • -20 +25 -45 Lowanna Dec. 23, 2013
    "How come N America, one of the largest consumers of milk per capita, has one of the worst records of osteoporosis, to say nothing of the inhumane treatment of cows. If I knew back then when my kids were growing up what I know now about milk, they would have never had a drop! Alternatives like almond or hemp milk are so much better for you."
    1250 characters left
  • -20 +40 -60 Alex Feb. 18, 2013
    "There is no argument against the fact that milk contains high amounts of calcium which is a vitamin know to be beneficial to the human body, what is not often mentioned or recognized is the fact cows milk contains a number of other things such as hormones, pesticides, and pus...Yes there is cow pus is most milk. All of these things are known to do more harm than good. We all can admit that milk is a substance produced for a growing creature to consume. IE: Infant human, Young cow, ect.
    Though calcium is beneficial, is it truly necessary to continue to consume as humans milk from a different species that is meant for an infant of the same species. Most likely not."
    1250 characters left
  • -20 +34 -54 ELIZABETH Jul. 11, 2012
    "Once, Milk was known as the ultimate health drink; packed with vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, as well as all the essential food groups, milk was considered the perfect way to boost well-being in a glass. Over recent years, however, scientific evidence has linked different types of milk to a variety of health scares.

    In my opinion, Milk needs to be avoided by those who have lactose intolerance that may play a part in diseases such as diabetes and some cancers. For instance, the biggest factors in breast cancer include fat, excess estrogen and animal protein. Milk delivers all three.

    I believe cows' injected Milk is not the only source for vitamins and nutrients. Cows that produce the milk are given hormones and antibiotics to humans. This is especially true for people living with inflammatory conditions and auto-immune diseases. Cows are milked by machine; metal clamps are attached to the cows' sensitive udders. The udders become sore and infected. But the machines keep on milking, and therefore the dead white blood cells are being released into the milk humans drink."
    1250 characters left
  • -20 +49 -69 Presley Apr. 21, 2012
    "Would you drink milk from your dog? It's just gross to think about, I was disgusted when learning there are high levels of blood found in the cow's milk people drink. Soy milk is a much better alternative, not only is it more healthy, but you are not drinking some animal's own milk...."
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +6 -1 Clyck Apr. 22, 2015
      "Cows arent dogs, silly-billy"
    • +5 +7 -2 Amelia Nov. 12, 2012
      "Can you prove that soy milk is better? Please let me know the reasons. I drank it for 20 years as I was led to believe I was allergic to cows milk and it has caused me to suffer with too much estrogen. At 62 I a still menstruating!
      It seems your distaste is based on an idea/emotion and not on solid nutritional facts"
    • +3 +3 0 Donna Leavelle Aug. 22, 2016
      "Milk is pasteurized (cooked). That kills bacteria, viruses, and blood cells. By the way, just how much blood do you think you are getting when you eat beef or any meat. Plenty."
    • +1 +1 0 Memes Mar. 20, 2018
      "Goat milk"
  • -20 +88 -108 The Liberalist Mar. 1, 2012
    "No, cow's milk has been shown to have adverse drawbacks in people of all ages.
    1.) Cow's milk has been shown to contain large amounts of both Saturated and Regular Fat. This can be very dangerous to obese people or a person of ANY size.
    2.) Milk is harvested very badly. They inject hormones into the cows so that they produce milk all the time. This leads to a large quantity of the chemical Lactose. This chemical can prove to make people bloat, break out on hives, itch, Have pains in their stomach and sometimes throw up. Studies have also shown that the RBSt hormones can cause strange thing sto happen in young adults. The hormones cause girls to have periods earlier( 7- 9) and to cause puberty a lot earlier
    3.) Milk has been shown to have great potential to carry salmonella in it. Although milk may be pasteurized, it has a short shelf life even when refrigerated causing it to rot a lot faster and make us more prone to catching the bacteria outside the utters of the cow itself.
    So, before you grab another milk carton, be sure to now how they make the product you're about to consume
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +7 -4 Kabir May. 12, 2013
      "1. OK, it's fatty. So? Fat's good, in moderation.
      2. You're right. But.....rBST is barely used in anything anymore. It's bad. If you're worried, just read the product's label to find out.
      3. It is extremely rare that you will get salmonella from drinking milk. It is even more rare that you will then die of salmonella. So..what's your point? That us "milk drinkers" are badasses who live on the wild side? Lol.

      You argument is terribly weak."
    • +3 +5 -2 Fishtree Apr. 18, 2013
      ""This chemical can prove to make people bloat, break out on hives, itch, Have pains in their stomach and sometimes throw up."
      It's called lactose intolerance. If you are lactose intolerant then you must be an idiot to drink milk.
      meat also can carry salmonella. Don't eat raw meat and don't drink old milk
      Also, "causing it to rot a lot faster"
      a lot faster than what?
      "Studies have also shown that the RBSt hormones can cause strange thing sto happen in young adults. The hormones cause girls to have periods earlier( 7- 9) and to cause puberty a lot earlier"
      where are you finding this information? I have never heard of this. Is it peer reviewed? There are way too many studies which prove weak correlations and use bad methods."
    • +2 +4 -2 A DVM Student Apr. 22, 2012
      "Lactose is constant in milk, approximately 4.7% of milk and is the osmotic regulator in milk production (milk is 87% water after all). If a cow makes more milk, she does make a greater quantity of lactose. However, this is diluted back to the 4.7% found in milk because it draws water out with it. Therefore, whether you are drinking milk from a cow that makes 20 lbs or 200 lbs, you are consuming the same amount of lactose because the percent never changes (unless you plan on drinking all of the 200 lb cows milk in one sitting). Anything in excess can be harmful, including the excessive estrogens found in plants. If people are lactose intolerant, they should avoid the sugar. In addition, rbST has been injected directly into humans bloodstream back in the 50's with no adverse results. Thats why rbST has a 'b' in it because it is biologically active in cows and not humans. There have been thousands of studies performed on rbST, and there is no negative results associated with the hormone (which is naturally found in a cows circulation). Early puberty is a function of the increased plane of nutrition America is at, since puberty onset is a function of fatness and energy reserves. Child obesity and lower puberty onset go hand in hand."
    • +1 +3 -2 Kevin Mar. 4, 2014
      "lactose is a sugar (you make it sound like its some sort of bad chemical). one needs sugar to survive. (only those who are lactose intolerant show those symptoms) Argument invalid."
  • -21 +8 -29 Najib Feb. 24, 2016
    "milk isnt ours we cant take from the cows that god made"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 UNKNOWN Apr. 5, 2016
      "That is cows main purpose"
    • -1 0 -1 HonestChristan May. 7, 2018
      "Well, the bible says that God let us rule over the animals, which implies that they can be used at our discretion. And yes, UNKNOWN has a point in that we domesticated cows to be slaughtered and to give us milk."
  • -21 +12 -33 Rose Oct. 1, 2014
    "All I'm seeing in these comments is the word "milk" be more specific.... I'm against milk that comes from a different animal than myself, you PRO's are saying that there are nutrients and yes there are... but after pasteurization do you ever stop to wonder what happens to those "nutrients"? There are more nutrients in human milk, and famous athletes buy human milk from human milk banks.. look it up on databases. It's all there... There will always be two sides but reality; money is behind it all, human milk can be free while cows are a bit harder to attain. It's nothing more than brainwashing simple minds...."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 kronk Oct. 7, 2017
      "Pasteurisation kills bacteria, not nutrients."
  • -21 +14 -35 j.u.v Apr. 15, 2014
    "yes and no because it has many good vitamins for us but what if the cow you get the milk from has a diasease"
    1250 characters left
  • -21 +41 -62 Nick Apr. 3, 2013
    "To summarize:
    - There is considerable controversy around milk and the benefits of animal milk based calcium
    - There are no controversies around getting all the nutrition (including calcium) you need from vegetables, fruits and grains
    - There are significant medical studies that show milk is related to health problems
    - There are few to no studies showing a diet very rich in vegetables, fruit & grains as being unhealthy (actually they show health benefits)

    So make your own choice.. risk or no risk.

    For me the answer is simple, when you "Got Milk" don't be surprised when you "Get Problems""
    1250 characters left
  • -21 +42 -63 Tracy Mar. 3, 2013
    "Think about it, which animal continues to drink its mother's milk after a few weeks? Human are the only specie to do so, and from another specie at that. There are many ways to get your nutrition from sources other than milk. I live in a dairy producing country and the researchers here even cite the link between diabetes and A1 casein. So what is the real reason we drink milk other than the dairy industry is a business and has a vested interest in us consuming their products.

    If you must consume dairy, then consume the fermented variants as they will do less damage than plain milk."
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +5 0 Ava Jan. 11, 2015
      "Yes Patrick, that is true. But that is not what tracy is saying. Of course we do almost everything differently than any other species, we have inhabited this earth for thousands of years and continue to evolve tremendously. Though, over a thousand years ago, when we were just getting started in our long journey, we only fed off of our mothers milk to survive. We did not need to steal a calves milk to survive; not did we need to consume our own mothers milk for more than a short period of time to survive. And today we still don't need to steal it; we want to. But overall, the purpose of this forum, in my perception, is not whether we should dink milk but whether or not, with the regulations and multiple procedures induced to all dairy products, we are in-fact drinking "milk" at all."
    • +5 +7 -2 Patrick Mar. 29, 2013
      "So other species do not drink milk. Big deal. I'm looking at my bowl of Clam Chowder. I don't know of any other species that eats that. I'll enjoy my Pizza for dinner tonight. Don't know of any other animal that eats that either. My dog eats her own vomit and feces. I'm sure not taking dietary advice from her.

      The argument that we shouldn't drink milk because nothing else does, does not make sense."
    • +1 +3 -2 Red Jun. 5, 2015
      You make a good, valid argument. However, the industry should not tell us that milk is healthy. As you have pointed out, you eat clam chowder and pizza, but there is no medical community that will ever say that those foods are healthy and that everyone should eat more. This is where we have a problem with milk. Drink it. Fine. No problem. But don't tell us and our children that it's healthy. That's the argument."
  • -22 +21 -43 milkman Apr. 4, 2014
    "Milk gave me cancer"
    1250 characters left
    • +13 +15 -2 Alfonzo Mar. 9, 2015
      "Or did it?"
  • -23 +18 -41 Gustavo Dec. 9, 2013
    "there is healthier alternatives
    it's nasty the fact that someone drinks the fluids of a animal"
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  • -23 +14 -37 Quentin haynes Nov. 12, 2013
    "i think milk is bad for you because they come from cows and .... but i went to a dairy farm and we saw were they/do the milking and it looked very not harmful."
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    • 0 +2 -2 Some Guy Feb. 27, 2014
      "so your saying you don't eat beef because its from cows"
  • -23 +41 -64 sam Mar. 11, 2013
    "would u drink another animals breast milk? Because that is what you almost every day. the United states only one of the country that consumes massive amounts of dairy products. As stated in the book " engine 2 diet " "One reason why Americans have such a high incidence of osteoporosis ( or weakening of the bone ) isn't a lack of dietary calcium but an excess of animal protein, which leaches calcium from the bones. I guess this comes to show that you should never trust what you hear milk is just not good for you. If u love milk and don't care what I say all I ask is that you think about what im going to say. if you can drink another mammals breast milk than how would you feel some one took your breast milk and gave it to lizards."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 Wolf Larsen May. 23, 2016
      "awesome explanation, that DEFINITELY drives the point home."
    • +1 +3 -2 Kevin Mar. 4, 2014
      "That argument is terrible. We are already drinking the breast milk of mammals so its not like we have a problem with doing so. And lizards? How would I feel? Lizards don't drink milk. My breast milk is not sacred, so I don't really care where it goes. its just gonna rot away if I store it for too long, so I might as well give it to someone. This same concept can be applied to cows as well. Cows NEED to be milked. If not they would bloat and die. So where would all the milk go anyways? Just dump it in the fields? that serves no usage and makes no sense. Arguments invalid. Except for the osteoporosis one. That might or might not be invalid, i would have to research that."
  • -24 +16 -40 Aaqil Mar. 9, 2015
    "No to milk, No to cows"
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  • -24 +15 -39 abbie smith Apr. 2, 2014
    "chocolate milk has a sky high content one tiny carton of chocolate milk has approximately 30 grams of sugar thats more than a can of soda and you wouldnt see schools giving kids coke."
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  • -24 +28 -52 lol Nov. 14, 2013
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 LOL Nov. 8, 2018
  • -24 +17 -41 nicki! Nov. 13, 2013
    "I am coming to a thought that milk is'nt as good as I once thought because of information that has been giving! that facts has it been told that milk has hormons in it and cause boys and girls to repreduce breast!"
    1250 characters left
  • -24 +23 -47 chris May. 22, 2013
    "we never know what could be in milk"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 anthiny Dec. 13, 2017
      "then check it"
  • -24 +29 -53 Brian Jul. 21, 2012
    "I strongly feel we should not deprive the young ones of the cows of their mothers milk we humans will justify any wrong doings if it satisfies our pleasures and needs. Think for a moment do cows drink milk to produce milk ? some people may justify that drinking milk is good for health then why dint our mothers feed us milk thought our lifetime till we
    grow old? As babies we stop feeding on mothers milk as soon as we are two or three years old and then mother nature has a lot of foods which contain all the nutrients which the milk contains. So it is up to you to think what is right and wrong and act accordingly"
    1250 characters left
  • -25 +18 -43 patrick May. 14, 2015
    "milk is a disgusting drink"
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  • -25 +11 -36 Jocelyn Feb. 11, 2015
    "It is unhealthy"
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  • -26 +37 -63 Ashi Jan. 10, 2012
    "Drinking milk in the U.S is bad. Pasturization kills any benifical organism that was in it. The "bad" organisms are not difficult for our body to deal with. Homogenization breaks down the NATURAL fat cells in the milk so much that they scar the arterial lining when they enter the blood stream. If the food kills us, we need medicine. If the medicine kills us, we need medicine. $$$. Thats America."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 Scout Dec. 4, 2012
      "The point of pasteurization is to kill harmful germs left by the cows. Germs that we CANNOT digest ourselves."
    • +1 +2 -1 The Liberalist Mar. 2, 2012
      "Pasteurization is meant to kill organisms that could harm you. Homoenization is not the reason that milk is so bad.
      What does America and the health policy have to do with ANYTHING?"
    • 0 +1 -1 mrham23 Feb. 21, 2012
      "If all of this generates money then milk must be good. How many really need to go out and buy medicine? I don't even think it makes headlines."
  • -28 +25 -53 Milk-Hater Nov. 4, 2013
    "I hate milk. It reminds me of hairy, crusty, udders."
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  • -30 +53 -83 BIbbs Sep. 2, 2011
    "My mother drank milk, ate a good diet of fresh fruit and veg from our garden etc. Sadly, she suffered with both severe anaemia and then in her 50's with chronic osteoporosis. I, on the other hand, had a great aversion to milk (put off by school milk left out in the sun) and very, very rarely ever have the stuff and if I do I make a choice of using milk, I source unpasturised and at least unhomogenised. I have no signs of any disorders, certainly not osteoporosis (medically confirmed after routine checks as it can be hereditary?),or anaemia. I did have anaemia in my student days; my diet changed and milk puddings etc were filling. I am of the opinion that you make your own choice of foods by how your body reacts; if food does not give you energy, you don't feel sustained and well, you need to seriously look at your diet. I also believe the comments you glean from the experts (?), must be researched, as often they will have ties with companies that either supply milk or diary products, manufacture alternatives or financed by those who already have set preferred outcomes of their research. You wont get anyone working for the milk promotional boards that are not wholly committed to promoting 'milk'! Finally, EAT FRESH!"
    1250 characters left
  • -31 +53 -84 Mica Oct. 4, 2011
    "None of the animals in this planet drink milk (or any other animal's milk) after they are weaned... Why humans do?"
    1250 characters left
    • +11 +14 -3 Darth Nov. 28, 2011
      ""why humans do?"
      You lose all credibility once you say something like this."
    • +3 +4 -1 Dear Walter Apr. 30, 2013
      "drinking milk has nothing to do with living longer whatsoever. every mammal has a different life expectancy and the only reason ours changes so much is due to medicine not milk. btw the bowhead whale is said to have the longest life span for mammals, and they don't drink other mammal's milk."
    • -2 +2 -4 Walter Apr. 15, 2013
      "Why do you think that they die long before we do? We tend to outlive most animals on this planet. What do we do different? We drink milk."
  • -36 +24 -60 Habib Rizieq Jun. 24, 2012
    "Judging from how stupid the comments made by Americans, how it shows that they dont read the arguments... now i think the danger of milk is very real. Not only for body, but also for the brain. Americans love milk in their foods, thats how they get obesity, and stupidity.

    But i also agree that American have to keep their milk drinking habit, because it helps the pharmacy and funeral bussiness :))"
    1250 characters left
    • +6 +6 0 sherry Oct. 17, 2012
      "I'm sick of people disrespecting Americans all the time. This has nothing to do with milk."
    • +5 +7 -2 American Aug. 22, 2012
      "Yeah, we sure are dumb because we drink millk! Your should totally come over here and become our president. You sure seem to really know your stuff!!!!"
    • 0 0 0 HonestChristian May. 7, 2018
      "I am an American, and I would agree that MOST Americans could be considered as IGNORANT, but by their own choice. I do understand the categorization of stupidity, and before I got on this page I was pro-milk. I read everything, pro and con, and now disagree with my previous point of view. I will reduce my milk consumption, but sometimes I feel like I just need a glass of milk."
  • -36 +45 -81 janet Jun. 28, 2011
    "I do believe you are what you eat, & 1 in every 6 women in the U.S get breast cancer, compare this to the breast cancer rate in countries where milk is not a common part of the diet like China? I am concerned that the milk americans drink has two major issues that promote breast cancer, the first is bovine leukemia virus, a virus cows get from there moms, when the calf drinks there mothers milk, they catch it. Bovine leukemia virus causes breast cancer in the utters of the cow, it is quite common, and it is also causing breast cancer in women in the U.S. who consume this infected milk. Ask an old dairy farmer or vet what bovine leukemia virus is. It causes breast (utter) cancer in cows and it does in human females. The 2nd concern is that cow milk products may have higher levels of rBGH, which increases milk production in the cow by 30 percent when she is injected with this synthetic milk producing hormone. This cuases the cow to be physically stressed, she gets sick more often and has to be on antibiotics more often, with the likelyhood of antibiotics and pus in milk, now you have a growth hormone that will increase the breast cancer tumor growth that was caused by the bovine leukemia virus contracted by drinking milk-"
    1250 characters left
  • -37 +64 -101 Boos May. 2, 2011
    "FYI: Humans are the only species who, once weaned from their mother, go to another animal species and drink its milk, and continue to consume a food which is designed for the rapid growth of livestock babies! Why do we do this, and why do we justify it? Please. We've grown accustomed to the taste, and find the idea of alternatives unpalatable (though most of us have never tried any of them!). Did you know that most adults have some level of lactose intolerance? Gee, I wonder why... maybe because, beyond your infant/toddler years (and now that you have teeth), you aren't designed to drink the baby food of another species! If you're worried about not getting enough calcium, you may be interested to know that the calcium molecule in cow's milk is too large for humans to assimilate. Do the research. It's an eye-opener! Then go and try some chocolate Silk. You'll never look back!"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +8 -6 derek Aug. 27, 2011
      "cats drink milk. not only are they animals, they are mammals, just like humans. cats also have similar X and Y chromosomes to humans. and soy milk increases estrogen levels in humans."
    • 0 +5 -5 to derek Apr. 30, 2013
      "cats dont drink milk after they are weaned and if they do it is because there owner fed it to them, not because they chose to, and that doesnt make it good for them"
    • -2 +1 -3 Walter Apr. 16, 2013
      "Soy milk increases hormone levels which is dangerous in itself. Also, the calcium in the cow's milk has proven to help reduce fat. A study showed that people drank who 12 ounces of milk everyday lost 12 pounds in 6 months, whereas, people who drank half a glass lost 7 pounds in 2 years."
  • -43 +29 -72 Mike Aug. 2, 2011
    "My good people, take a minute and think. If we were dropped off in an unpopulated world, with all of the resources we have on this world, what would come natural to us? For one, we would get our own food. We are so domesticated. There truly is no difference from humans and dogs. We BUY our own food and we slave to do so. What is this freedom you people live?

    Enough rambiling, further more, back to the subject at hand. Our bodies are what we make of them. If your diet consists of balanced and proportioned meals, then go ahead; you can drink some cow milk. I'm nor obease or unhealthy. However, since none of us, Americans that is, really eat healthy, then cut out all of these unnecassary foods. Go eat some nuts!"
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +8 -3 Brent Oct. 28, 2011
      "Where, may i ask, did you get your "nuts"? I am almost 100% certain you didn't just go out and find these nuts in the wild. You bought those nuts and as such you are slave to do so. I will admit that i am slave to purchasing my own food. You have criticized where you live and the rights you are given by living in such a wonderful country and you criticize the people who live there. Shame on you sir. shame on you."
    • -5 +1 -6 Cassie Nov. 20, 2011
      "We are slaves to many things, most notibly the status quo. You follow a government blindly Brent, a government that no longer represents what you or I want but what is good for industry and commerce. They take away your rights by telling you your lawn must be well groomed, house cleaned, make-up/hair done, have all the newest electronic devices or you will be an outcast. Even questioning the way things are done is deemed "un-American" when that is the very foundation America was built on. It's just an emotional play on words to get succeptible minds to turn on their own neighbors in the name of a government with only their own best interests in mind."
  • -45 +24 -69 Cydney K. Nov. 29, 2011
    "No, because, of all the fat, and the schools let kids drink chocolate milk everyday. and if it goes bad, some people dont know."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +3 -3 Jester Mar. 2, 2012
      "That's the same instance with French fries, they make people fat and the schools sell it to us. Tell me... What's the difference?"
  • -47 +40 -87 lexi swizdor May. 19, 2011
    "Milk, we really dont need, doctors and others have conclude that even a TACO can have as much calcium, and minerals to the average glass of milk, because of the cheese, there are many others, and we are also wasting plastic because of milk jugs....."
    1250 characters left
    • -4 +2 -6 Kristy Nov. 22, 2013
      "I agree. It is proven that even fast food has more calcium than milk!"
  • -51 +32 -83 Bill Eddy Jun. 9, 2011
    "Milk, which contains rBGH is dangerous due to the health reisks stemming from the additive. This is because the hormone has been demonstrated to enter into the milk and likely has an effect on the human body; increasing body size and triggering early puberty in females.
    Milk really isn't necessary; especially when it comes from a foreign species. We should consider bovine milk to be an 'exotic' beverage and stop promoting it as a healthy source of nutrients for our body."
    1250 characters left
  • -54 +20 -74 Madeline Jan. 26, 2012
    "Being fat can be cause by many things, but drinking chocolate milk all day everyday has a major effect also"
    1250 characters left
    • +15 +16 -1 Josh Feb. 5, 2012
      "Chocolate milk in moderation is actually very good for you. It's better than Gatorade at replenishing electrolytes, it has calcium and Vitamin D, and plus it tastes like chocolate!

      You're saying that we'll get fat if we drink nothing but chocolate milk 24/7. Yes, but the same goes for every food or drink except water and other foods and beverages with no fat.

      Your argument is invalid."
    • +5 +7 -2 mrham23 Feb. 21, 2012
      "Of course drinking chocolate milk all day is gonna make you fat. This argument isn't valid. This is about milk being consumed. Adding chocolate to anything is gonna be unhealthy."
    • -1 +5 -6 moo May. 9, 2012
      "yeah well chocolate milk is high fructose corn syrup and junk so yeah it would make you fat"
  • -62 +31 -93 tru man Apr. 2, 2012
    "no because i hate milk"
    1250 characters left
    • +11 +12 -1 Vilseck Oct. 22, 2012
      "Can you explain why you hate milk? This doesn't tell me why you dislike milk. It just states you hate milk. Like come on person, my teacher is doing a Senate thing in his U.S. Govt class and I'm trying to make a bill on Milk, Your comment doesn't help me whatsoever. Have a nice day!"
  • -67 +36 -103 momma Jul. 6, 2011
    "what is in the milk that causes my daughter to have projectile vomiting and diarrhea?"
    1250 characters left
    • +22 +24 -2 Random Someone Jul. 17, 2011
      "she might be lactose intolerant???"
    • +9 +11 -2 Bibbs Sep. 2, 2011
      "I do not know the age of your daughter, but it could simply be an allergy, just as some people cannot tolerate nuts, shellfish etc. Milk is really for calves, although it will have some nutritional value. I would suggest a consultation with an alternative health provider, perhaps? Maybe your daughter needs her whole diet reviewed (ps don't meant your not 100% committed giving your daughter the best), but often children eat or are given processed foods away from the home out of choice or convenience. Anything that is manmade is not good for any human; fruit, fish, vegetables, nuts etc all contain massive amounts of calcium; children need 800 to 1300 mg/day, which is so easily to achieve using alternatives. If your daughter is a baby, purified foods can still be consumed with your GP's advice. I am not a doctor, but I can only speak from personal experience, as someone who has spent many years looking for the perfect diet... impossible I know, but dietary knowledge can be the difference between a full and healthy life, to a poor and sickly one. Good luck!"
    • 0 0 0 3 am clickbait video Jan. 7, 2019
      "stop looking for attention! also maybe she can be allergic to the material in the milk so she would get the symtomps of be sick or allergic and too much sugar"
    • 0 +3 -3 ani May. 9, 2012
      "i agree lactose intolerant switch her to soy it tastes good"
  • -90 +40 -130 Ahmad NIxon Sep. 27, 2011
    "milk is terible"
    1250 characters left
    • +6 +8 -2 Dear Walter Apr. 30, 2013
      "i'm not sure if you noticed but "I Like Milk" is your side's top comment, i don't see you asking him that question"
    • +6 +8 -2 Walter Apr. 16, 2013
      "Yes, because that is a viable argument for being bad for you... *sarcasm* Care to explain your thoughts?"
    • +5 +5 0 Lindsay Jan. 14, 2016
      "I love milk, and your argument is only an opinion, like saying "the Eagles are the best football team ever." These are all just opinions not FACTS!"
  • -138 +48 -186 Robert Apr. 27, 2011
    "Just checked out your website. Yeech.

    You might consider FILMING a series of debate questions and offering live responses on YouTube.

    Your presentation of data may appear fair and balanced, but I would slaughter these so-called pro-milk experts in live debate. Their so-called factoids are based upon pyramids of distortions built upon crumbling foundations.

    My challenge: I will take on any TEN of the dairy industry experts at one time in a future debate.

    They will not accept, because they already know that I would chop them up into little pieces of Swiss cheese with large holes."
    1250 characters left
    • +14 +31 -17 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jul. 6, 2011
    • +6 +6 0 ethan Apr. 23, 2017
      "i would like to see that happen"
    • +6 +6 0 Just Checking on ya Nov. 3, 2016
      Hey Robert
      Hows that debate thing goin' for ya now, buddy"