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Sep. 25, 2019 – Milk Residue Found in Prehistoric Baby Bottles

“Researchers have uncovered three ceramic, spouted vessels believed to be prehistoric baby bottles. They were found in child graves in Bavaria, two from an Iron Age cemetery dated between 450 and 800 BC and another from a Bronze Age necropolis dated between 800 and 1200 BC, according to a new study [published in the journal Nature]…

But for the first time, an analysis of three of these vessels revealed residue associated with animal milk, suggesting these bowls acted like baby bottles used during the weaning process…

The residue contained palmitic and stearic fatty acids associated with animal fat, as well as short-chain fatty acids that are rarely detected in old pottery, according to the study. These acids are usually associated with fresh milk fat. Isotopic analysis also revealed that breast milk was potentially mixed with dairy milk.

The researchers believe the animal milk used came from domesticated cattle, goats or sheep.

This suggests that the children were being fed animal milk instead of breast milk or being weaned off of breast milk.”