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June 1, 2016 – Australian Regulators Approve Cold-Pressure Processing as Alternative to Pasteurization

“Unpasteurised milk will appear on shop shelves this week [June 1, 2016], with the food regulator declaring cold pressure as an effective method to kill the harmful bacteria lurking inside.

Sydney company Made by Cow has obtained the approval of the NSW Food Authority to use cold pressure as an alternative to conventional heat pasteurisation and sell ‘cold-pressed raw milk’…

‘Good herd management, hygienic milking techniques and the cold pressure method have meant we can put 100 per cent safe, raw milk onto supermarket shelves,’ said [company founder] Mr Joye.’The bottles of milk are placed under enormous water pressure, squashed in about 15 per cent, to remove the harmful micro-organisms.’

Selling raw milk for human consumption is illegal in Australia because it contains micro-organisms that can increase the risk of contracting serious illnesses… [but] while the product is labelled ‘cold-pressed raw milk’, the NSW Food Authority says it doesn’t recognise it as raw milk because it has undergone ‘high pressure processing’ to eliminate pathogens. It worked with Made by Cow for more than a year to ensure the product was safe and suitable for human consumption.”