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“What do you get when you start with Webster’s classic 1913 unabridged dictionary, and you add updated definitions, thousands of images (one picture being worth a thousand words…), quotes, trade names, references, timelines, translations and any other bit of information that can help someone understand a word from as many perspectives as possible? For any given word, what you get is Webster’s Online Dictionary with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation.”

“About Us,” (accessed Feb. 22, 2008)


“Our mission is to create the largest dictionary of modern language usage (the equivalent of 500 encyclopedias). The dictionary will soon consist of over 400 modern languages, and 10 ancestral languages, with some 30 million individual entries across languages (including expressions, technical terminologies, and words). The languages included are read or spoken by over 95 percent of the world’s population. The world’s largest dictionary should be free to consult by all persons of the world, via the Internet.”

“About Us,” (accessed Feb. 22, 2008)

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