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Shawn Sieracki, ND Biography

Owner and Naturopath at the Whole Body Healing Center
Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“Organic raw milk is a complete food, loaded with minerals, protein, good fat, and vitamins. Raw milk contains an amazing selection of minerals ranging from calcium and phosphorus to trace elements…

Raw milk is abundant in calcium – legendary for its benefits for teeth, bones etc. It is also loaded with enzymes that have an array of health benefiting functions. Raw milk is alive with beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and protect against disease-carrying organisms…

Some of the main reasons that over 10 million Americans now drink raw milk on a regular basis include: Healthier skin, hair and nails… stronger immune system, reduced allergies, increased bone density, neurological support, weight loss, help building lean muscle mass, better digestion.”

“Why Raw Milk Is More Healthier and Better than Pasteurized Milk,”, Jan. 2, 2017

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