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Sayed H. Davoodi, MD, PhD Biography

Associate Professor at the Cancer Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University (Iran)
Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“Milk is considered to be the only foodstuff that contains approximately all different substances known to be essential for human nutrition. In terms of cancer risk, dairy foods have been reported as both protective and occasionally as harmful. The evidence that dairy foods can protect against cancer, or increase the risk of cancer is not conclusive. Overall, the proven health benefits of dairy foods greatly outweigh the unproven harm. Dairy foods should be encouraged as part of a varied and nutritious diet as they are essential to maintain good bone and dental health, to prevent osteoporosis, major cardiovascular disease risk factors, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndromes, as well as some cancers.”

Cowritten with S. Esmaeili and A.M. Mortazavian, “Effects of Milk and Milk Products Consumption on Cancer: A Review,” Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, Apr. 8, 2013

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Associate Professor, Cancer Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University (Iran)
  • Staff member, Department of Nutrition Research, National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University
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  • Full name is Sayed Hossein Davoodi, also written Sayeed Hossein Davoodi and Seyyed Hossein Davoodi
Quoted in:
  1. Are There Associations between Milk and Cancer?