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Parmalat Australia Ltd Biography

Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“Everyone should make sure they are receiving the recommended daily intake of calcium for their age and gender group. Milk and other dairy foods are a delicious way to easily get your daily dose of calcium.”

“Information Centre: Food Facts,”, (accessed Sep. 26, 2007)


“Parmalat Australia Ltd (formerly Pauls Limited) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian based global dairy company, Parmalat SpA, having been acquired by public takeover in August, 1998.

Pauls has a proud history in the Queensland dairy industry, commencing in 1923 when an ice cream factory was established at West End in Brisbane under the ‘Peters’ brand. Pauls was established at South Brisbane in 1933 and the Peters and Pauls companies merged in 1960 to become Queensland United Foods. QUF changed its name to Pauls Limited in March, 1998 and Pauls Limited changed its name to Parmalat Australia Ltd in September, 2003.

At the beginning of 2007 Parmalat has approximately 353 farmer suppliers in Queensland currently supplying 292 million litres of raw milk per annum. Those dairy farmers are members of two supplier groups Premium Milk and Port Curtis.”

“About Us: Business Overview,”, accessed on Sep. 26, 2007


Parent Company (Parmalat Group): “The Parmalat Group is an Italian food group with a multinational strategy that seeks to increase the well-being of consumers throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Group is to create value for its shareholders while adhering to ethical principles of business conduct, perform a useful social function by fostering the professional development of its employees and associates, and serve the communities in which it operates by contributing to their economic and social progress.

We intend to establish Parmalat as one of the top players in the global market for functional foods with high value added, which deliver improved nutrition and wellness to consumers, and attain a clear leadership in selected product categories and countries with a high growth potential for the Group.

Milk & dairy products and fruit-based beverages, foods that play an essential role in everyone’s daily diet, will be key categories for the Group”

“About Us: Mission Statement,”, accessed on Sep. 26, 2007

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