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Nevin S. Scrimshaw, MD, PhD Biography

Institute Emeritus Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“Lactose maldigestion exerts no adverse effects on the absorption and utilization of protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients in milk and milk products. On the contrary, milk continues to be an important source of animal protein, riboflavin, calcium and other essential nutrients. Even part of the energy of lactose that is undigested in the small intestine is recovered by absorption of fermentation products in the colon.”

“Acceptability of Milk and Milk Products in Populations With a High Prevalence of Lactose Intolerance,” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1988

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Institute Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Member, National Academy of Science and National Institute of Medicine
  • Founder and Director of the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP)
  • Founder and Director of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Director, Food, Nutrition and Poverty Programme, and the Development Studies Division, United Nations University
  • Senior Adviser, World Hunger Programme, United Nations University
  • Founder and Chairman of the U.S.A. Malnutrition Panel of the United States-Japan Medical Science Program
  • Founder and President of the International Nutrition Foundation (INF)
  • Recipient, World Food Prize Foundation Distinguished Service Award, 2004
  • Recipient, from H.M. King of Thailand, Granted Knight Grand Cross (First Class) Of the Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn, 2004
  • Recipient, Kellogg and the Society of International Nutrition Research: The International Prize for Excellence in Research on Problems of Human Nutrition in Developing Countries, 2002
  • Recipient, The E. V. McCollum International Lectureship in Nutrition, 2001
  • Recipient, World Food Prize Laureate, 1991
  • MS, Public Health, Harvard University, 1959
  • MD, University of Rochester, 1945
  • PhD, Physiology, Harvard University, 1941
  • MA, Biology, Harvard University, 1939
  • BA, Ohio Wesleyan University, 1938
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