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National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Biography

Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“It takes calcium to build strong bones. And calcium is especially important during the tween and teen years, when bones are growing their fastest… Low-fat or fat-free milk is a great source of calcium because it also has other important nutrients that are good for bones and teeth.”

“Milk Matters: For Strong Bones… For Lifelong Health,” available online at the Institute’s website, Sep. 19, 2005


“[A federal government institute that] conducts and supports research on all stages of human development, from preconception to adulthood, to better understand the health of children, adults, families, and communities.”

from the Institute’s website (accessed Apr. 24, 2007)


“To ensure that every child is born healthy and wanted; that women suffer no harmful effects from reproductive processes; that all children have the chance to achieve their full potential for healthy and productive lives free from disease or disability; and to ensure the health, productivity, independence and well-being of all people through optimal rehabilitation.”

from the Institute’s website (accessed Apr. 24, 2007)

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