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Karen Collins, RD, CDN Biography

Nutrition Advisor at the American Institute for Cancer Research
Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“People may turn to organic milk for health benefits, or environmental and animal rights’ issues. But when evaluating the health claims, so far, research does not support a health advantage of organic over conventional milk for any segment of the population.”

“Organic Milk: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost,” Nutrition Notes, Aug. 26, 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Writer, Nutrition Notes, a syndicated column about nutrition, 1999-present
  • Nutrition Advisor, American Institute for Cancer Research, 1992-present
  • Nutritionist, private practice in Jamestown, NY
  • MS, Nutrition, Cornell University
  • BS, Nutrition, Purdue University
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  1. Are There Any Safety or Nutritional Differences in Milk from Cows Supplemented with Growth Hormones Such as rBST and Milk from Cows Not Supplemented with Hormones?