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European Milk Forum (EMF) Biography

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“Milk and dairy food have been an important part of the European diet and food culture for generations. They are naturally rich sources of a wide range of nutrients and make a significant contribution to nutrient intakes and diet quality.

Milk and dairy foods have also been linked to a variety of health impacts including better bone health, lower blood pressure and weight control, as well as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer.”

“Homepage,” (accessed Oct. 5, 2018)


“Founded in 2011 by seven dairy organisations in Europe, the EMF is currently made up of eight countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland (UK) and Norway…

The EMF aims to disseminate relevant information and create a true dialogue with stakeholders and consumers across Europe, as well as building a clearer understanding of the role of milk and dairy products in the European daily diet. The EMF plays a major role in driving the strategic development, management and exchange of integrated communication programmes on milk and dairy products at European and local levels, consolidating the work of the member organisations both individually and collectively. Its work with stakeholders is privately funded by its members, and aims to create awareness about the benefits of milk and dairy products among health professionals, whilst its EU-funded programmes are mainly targeted at consumers.”

“The European Milk Forum: Annual Report,”, 2016


“The EMF is an active network of eight European dairy organisations which aims to promote professional exchanges and reflection, initiating collective activities based on a shared European vision. Through its activities, EMF members have one mission in common: to develop information and promotion programmes on milk and dairy in Europe.”

“The European Milk Forum: Annual Report,”, 2016

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