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Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) Biography

Pro to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“Whether it’s dunking a chocolate-chip cookie into a cold glass of milk or feeding an infant baby formula, milk and dairy products are a staple for millions of American households. The vitamins and proteins in dairy products strengthen our bones and teeth and provide some of the basic building blocks of life. Even though milk is such an important commodity and integral part of our daily lives, most consumers don’t realize to what extent the federal government artificially inflates dairy prices for some dairy farmers, at the expense of taxpayers, consumers and many in the dairy industry itself, including a great number of dairy farmers.”

“Milk Market Order Reform: ‘Watered Down’ or Real?,” Citizens Against Government Waste, Jan. 20, 1998


“Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) is a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters nationwide.

CAGW’s membership has grown from 5,000 members in February 1988 to more than one million members and supporters today. This phenomenal growth is the result of taxpayers’ increasing frustration with the squandering of their hard-earned money in the nation’s capital.

CAGW is nationally recognized as the source of information on government waste. CAGW representatives appear frequently on television, radio talk shows, and in print.”

“Mission/History,” CAGW website (accessed Sep. 17, 2007)


“CAGW’s mission is to eliminate waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government. Founded in 1984 by the late industrialist J. Peter Grace and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, CAGW is the legacy of the President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, also known as the Grace Commission.”

“Mission/History,” CAGW website (accessed Sep. 17, 2007)

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