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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?"

“[T]he BBC is committed to impartial reporting. BBC reporters put their own views to one side when carrying out their work for the BBC. They seek to provide the information which will enable viewers and listeners to make up their own minds; to show the reality and provide the forum for debate, giving full opportunity for all viewpoints to be heard. Therefore, we do not take a stance on such issues [as whether drinking milk is healthy for humans].”

E-mail to from the BBC Information office, Nov. 14, 2007


“The BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. Its purpose is to enrich people‚Äôs lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain.

It is a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter and funded by the licence fee that is paid by UK households.”

“About the BBC,” (accessed Oct. 25, 2007)


“The BBC’s purpose – largely unchanged in 80 years – is to enrich the life of every person in the UK with programmes that inform, educate and entertain.

The BBC is a major force in UK society, contributing through its programmes and services to the quality of life in our society as a whole. But in order to do this successfully, it must be inclusive and also strive to consistently offer value for people as individuals. It should touch people’s lives in ways that contribute fundamentally to their individual enjoyment, self-fulfilment and ability to participate in our society.”

“About the BBC,” (accessed Oct. 25, 2007)

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