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Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Biography

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“The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) is an organization of the largest publicly owned drinking water systems in the United States. AMWA’s membership serves more than 127 million Americans with drinking water from Alaska to Puerto Rico.

AMWA is the nation’s only policy-making organization solely for metropolitan drinking water suppliers. The association was formed in 1981 by a group of general managers of metropolitan water systems who wanted to ensure that the issues of large publicly owned water suppliers would be represented in Washington, D.C. Member representatives to AMWA are the general managers and CEOs of these large water systems.”

“About AMWA,” (accessed June 9, 2008)


“AMWA’s primary objective is to be the unified and definitive voice for the nation’s largest publicly owned drinking water systems on regulatory, legislative and security issues. To this end, the association works with Congress and federal agencies to ensure safe and cost-effective federal drinking water laws and regulations and to develop federal-local partnerships to protect water systems and consumers against acts of terrorism.”

“Mission,” (accessed June 9, 2008)

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