Thijs R. Klompmaker, author, wrote in his article "Excessive Calcium Causes Osteoporosis" published on the WaiSays website (accessed Nov. 14, 2007) that:

“It is very simple: where the most milk is consumed, the osteoporosis incidence is highest. Compared to other countries, the most milk is consumed in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and The Netherlands (300 to 400 kg / cap / year), and osteoporosis incidence in these countries has sky rocketed.

Among those within America that consume less milk, such as the Mexican-Americans and Black Americans, osteoporosis incidence is two-fold lower than in white Americans, which is not due to genetic differences.

Chinese consume very little milk (8 kg / year), and hip-fracture incidence, therefore, is among the lowest in the world; hip-fracture incidence in Chinese women is 6 fold lower than in the US. (The average American consumes 254 kg milk /year).

The less milk consumed, the lower is the osteoporosis rate.”

Nov. 14, 2007