Million Dollar Vegan stated:

“There are so many reasons to avoid dairy. It has a detrimental impact on animals and the planet, and there are many ways in which it has a detrimental impact on people, too. If you suffer from digestive upsets, stomach aches, or acne, dairy could be the culprit, and it is associated with far worse conditions, too.

Cows’ milk is made by cows for their calves in the same way that human milk is made by people for their babies. No other animal continues to drink even their own species’ milk after weaning, and yet here we are drinking the milk of cows into adulthood. And why do we think consuming cows’ milk is natural, when we would not consider drinking the milk of cats, racoons [sic] or whales? This peculiar and exclusively human habit brings with it a host of unpleasant consequences.”


Million Dollar Vegan, “Is Cows’ Milk Bad for You & Should Humans Drink Milk?,”, Dec. 21, 2021