Marie-Caroline Michalski, PhD, Researcher at the National Institute of Agriculture at the University of Lyon, et al., wrote in the 2006 article, "Does Homogenization Affect the Human Health Properties of Cow's Milk?," published in Trends in Food Science and Technology:

“Homogenization seems to improve milk digestibility for subjects suffering intestinal diseaseā€¦

[T]he effects of milk homogenization and heating regarding the bioactivity of casein peptides and the cardiovascular impact of milk consumption should be elucidated. Studies found to date do not show any impact of homogenization on milk allergy or intolerance in humans.”

[Editor’s Note: received an e-mail from Dr. Michalski on Mar. 18, 2008 in which she reiterates that to date there is a “lack of clearcut research results” about the effects of homogenization.] 2006