Martin T. Donohoe, MD, and Rick North, Science Advisor and Project Director, respectively, for the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility Campaign for Safe Food, report in their August 31, 2006 article "Errors in MSNBC Story on Organic Milk," (available online) written in response to Karen Collins' article "Organic Milk: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost?":

“It is well known that rBGH increases levels of another growth hormone, IGF-1, which is identical in cows and humans. At elevated levels, IGF-1 is known to increase cancer rates in humans. Dale Bauman’s point that the body produces more IGF-1 than is taken in by dietary factors is accurate, as far as it goes. But he completely ignores the fact that even small additional amounts of hormones can have significant effects on human health. Moreover, there is much that is still unknown about IGF-1, especially long-term effects of drinking large quantities of milk at a young age…

Most of the industrialized nations of the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all 25 nations of the European Union, have disallowed the use of rBGH, based primarily on human and animal health concerns. The Codex Alimentarius, the U.N.’s main food safety body, has concluded there is NO consensus that rBGH is safe for human consumption.”

Aug. 31, 2006