Karen Collins, RD, CDN, a registered dietician, wrote in her Aug. 25, 2006 article "Organic Milk: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost?," posted on the MSNBC website:

“[Some people] express concern that growth hormones in milk could raise the risk of hormone-related cancers, or lead to higher levels of an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) linked with cancer. But BGH [bovine growth hormone] is a protein hormone, which means that if any does appear in milk, enzymes and acid in our digestive tract destroy it…

If IGF-1 is slightly higher in milk from BGH-treated cows, it represents a tiny fraction of the IGF we all produce each day. [Dale] Bauman reports that we would have to drink 95 quarts of milk to equal the IGF-1 we make daily in our saliva and other digestive tract secretions.”

Aug. 25, 2006