Emil Q. Javier, PhD, Former President of the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) (Philippines), in an Apr. 8, 2017 article for the Manila Bulletin titled "Whole Foods and Plant-Based Diets for Longer Healthier Lives (Part III)," wrote:

“American women aged 50 and older who consume more cow’s milk and dairy products per person than the rest of the world have one of the highest rates of hip fractures. The only countries with higher hip fracture rates are Australia, New Zealand and those in Europe where they consume even more milk than the United States. Evidence for this was provided by Yale University School of Medicine researchers who summarized the data on protein consumption and bone fracture rates from 34 separate surveys in 16 countries…

Further support for the strong association between milk consumption and osteoporosis was provided by a study of 1,000 women aged 64 and up over a seven-year period conducted by scientists from the University of California at San Francisco… The women with the highest ratio of animal protein to plant protein had 3.7 times more bone fractures than the women with lowest ratio. Likewise, the women with the high ratio lost bone almost four times as fast as the women with the lowest ratio.

These observations therefore contradict the common wisdom that protein-rich foods especially milk protect our bones.”

Apr. 8, 2017