International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), in an Aug. 16, 2016 article for titled "Milk and Other Dairy Foods Are Good for Bone Health," wrote:

“A myth which often re-surfaces in media reports is that milk may not be beneficial to bone health. Bone health experts are concerned that this may be causing confusion among the general public and causing many people to avoid milk and dairy foods unnecessarily – when in fact they are among the best sources of bone-healthy nutrients…

– Dairy products, including milk, are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, protein and other nutrients that are important both for bone and overall health…

– Evidence strongly supports the benefits of dairy products for bone and muscle health. Studies have shown that bone loss is reduced and there is an improvement in muscle mass and strength with adequate dairy intake.

– Milk and other dairy foods are the most readily available sources of calcium… It is important to note that people would need to eat numerous servings of kale or broccoli or other non-dairy foods to get the equivalent amount of calcium provided by just one serving of yoghurt, cheese, or milk.”

Aug. 16, 2016