Sayed H. Davoodi, MD, PhD, Associate Professor at the Cancer Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University (Iran), et al., in an Apr. 8, 2013 study titled "Effects of Milk and Milk Products Consumption on Cancer: A Review," published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, wrote:

“Milk and dairy products may have both beneficial and adverse effects with regard to the risk of different cancers. The evidence indicating healthful effects of milk and milk product consumption on prevention of cancers is considerably greater than those representing harmful impacts. In fact, there is certainly no evidence that milk consumption might increase death from any condition…

Moreover, a decisive and conscientious consideration of the relevant literature reveals that the probable harmful effect of milk and dairy product consumption related to cancer is dose?dependent. Therefore, harm for normal people could only occur with absolutely excessive and indiscriminate consumption rather than regular moderate daily intake as advised by nutritionists and products that are grossly (and illegally) contaminated with environmental pollutants or certain toxicants could spell harm to human health.”

Apr. 8, 2013