The California Milk Processor Board wrote in its Nov. 30, 2005 press release "Campus PMS" published on the Got Milk? website:

“Something all women know, but few men seem to, is that when a group of women work or live together in close proximity, their menstrual cycles begin to concur, and alas, so do their symptoms for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Known as ‘synchronous menstruation,’ this phenomenon can stir up campus anxiety from college dorms to sorority houses and even the classroom. But thanks to recent research, a glass of good old fashioned milk can help off-set the symptoms of PMS…

By conservative estimates, one in every two menstruating women suffers from moderate to severe PMS each month. According to St. Luke-Roosevelt Hospital researchers at Columbia University, calcium – naturally occurring in milk – cuts the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS in half. They found that women on high-calcium diets were less irritable, weepy, and depressed. Plus, they averted backaches, cramping and bloating – symptoms that can make any woman feel less than royal!”

Nov. 30, 2005