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Which Cultures Do Not Consume Significant Quantities of Milk?

General Reference (not clearly pro or con)

Thijs R. Klompmaker, a Dutch author, reported in his 2000 article “Excessive Calcium Causes Osteoporosis” published on his website:

“In Venezuela and Chile much less milk is consumed than in the U.S. [254 kilograms/year per capita], Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland… Chinese consume very little milk (8 kg/year)…

Other countries where very little milk is consumed, on the average, [are] Congo, Guinea, and Togo (6 kg/year)… In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Ghana, Laos and Cambodia even less milk is consumed (average per capita is 1 to 3 kg a year!!).”

2000 - Thijs Klompmaker

Bernie Thimian, a spokesperson for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, explained in her 2003 article “16 Reasons Why People Avoid Dairy Products” accessed on The No Milk Page website:

“Until refrigeration came along, the vast majority of humans and animals on the planet consumed little or no milk products. Most Asians (more than 1 billion), most Africans (almost a billion), and many other cultures around the world still consume no dairy products.”

2003 - Bernie Thimian

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, stated in the article “Boning Up on Calcium and Osteoporosis” (accessed Apr. 20, 2007):

“Some African cultures consume no dairy products and typically get only 175 to 475 milligrams of calcium per day (800 mg is the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance).”

Apr. 20, 2007 - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)