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Humans do not need to consume dairy milk to be healthy.

“The [USDA] recommended three cups per day of dairy milk is too high for most people. Humans do not need dairy milk in order to get all of the nutrients needed in a healthy diet,” according to Allison Childress, Chief Clinical Dietitian at the Nutrition and Metabolic Health Institute. [15]

Drinking dairy milk for the 13 essential nutrients it boasts is essentially a cheat method because Americans do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. People who eat more fruits and vegetables consume the same nutrients in more healthful and diverse foods. [15]

According to, Christopher Gardner, Professor and Nutrition Researcher at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, “What are the unique nutrients that dairy has that nothing else has? Nothing…. It is true calcium is easier to get from milk than just about anything else. That is totally true. But you can get calcium from lots of other things.” [20]

Consuming dairy milk as an adult is also not a popular dietary choice. As Harvard University endocrinologist Walter Willett explains, “There are some nomadic [people] like Mongolian or Maasai that do drink milk, but most of the world’s population does not consume milk after infancy.” Moreover, a cow’s milk is meant for a baby cow, not humans. [20]

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